Like terms project

For this blog post, I’m going to be talking about a project I just did. The project was about like terms and polynomials. In this blog post, I’m going to reflect on each of the competencies and how I could have improved or how I met them. 

But first I’m going to show some highlights from our project using photos and a short explanation

a screenshot of the ide visual studio

a screenshot of unity

The first competency I’m going to be talking about is understanding and solving. The more specific description of it is “Apply multiple strategies to solve problems in both abstract and contextualized situations.” I think I met this competency because, throughout this project, I have shown problem-solving time and time again using very different strategies each time. An excellent example of that is the tool Unity and the issues I had with it. One of the most significant issues I had with Unity was not being able to attach scripts to my game objects. For example, in order to make the character move, you have to add a player movement script and if you can’t add that script, it doesn’t work. So to fix this issue, I had to think outside to box and test many different solutions. 

The next competency was communicating and representing, which was described as “Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms.” I think I met this competency because, as you can see, just by looking at our game, there is a clear quiz box that shows equations for you to solve. 

The second last competency was connecting and reflecting, which was described as “Connect mathematical concepts and to other areas and personal interests.” I think I met this competency because not only did our game show mathematical concepts through a small quiz box. It was also programmed by my group, which ties into our interests in programming. 

The last competency was applying and innovating, which was described as “Contribute to care for self, others, community, and the world through individual or collaborative approaches.” I think I met this competency because the game we made, in future versions, could through repetition help people with their math skills. That is because repetition has been proven to help better memorize skills like math. 

In conclusion, I think I met all of the competencies and overall did a lot of learning. My favourite part of this project was being able to do some programming because that’s something I’m very interested in.

I made memes are you proud of me?

Recently, we did the best project ever. That project was about memes and nationalism, but memes are more fun. You may be wondering what the goal of this project was. The driving question was: “How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?” now I got to admit that’s a pretty cool driving question.

Before we were able to make our memes and answer the driving question, we had to complete some milestones that would help us understand it. The three milestones I’m going to be talking about are milestone one, milestone three, and milestone five. I picked each of these milestones because I think each of them were vital parts of being able to complete this project.

One of the biggest reasons I thought milestone one was so important is because it explained what the project was going to be about and then gives you the ability to ask questions about the project that will help you understand it better. What we had to do for milestone one was fill out a form with all of the questions we had. Then in class, we discussed the answers to our questions. The final thing that was so great about this milestone was that we were introduced to our driving question.

The reason why I think milestone three is so important is that it was our first real try at making TikTok’s for school. For this project, we had to make TikTok’s in a small group that followed not just TikTok trends but also Dawkins’s definition of a meme. Just before I talk about the memes, we made I think it would be good if I explained what Dawkins’s definition of a meme was. Dawkin related how memes survive and change over time to natural selection. Now that you know Dawkins’s definition of a meme, let me tell you about the memes I ended up making. The first meme I made was inspired by a TikTok I had seen a few days earlier, and it was of me and my friend Angelo (here it is)

The second TikTok I made was also based off of a TikTok I had seen earlier for this TikTok I used the refresh rate effect to make a cool effect of me leaving the room. (here that meme is)

The final TikTok I made was based on probably one of the most well known TikTok’s in my opinion which is the how boys — how girls —. Ps there is a blog for this post that’s a lot more specific (Here it is)

The final milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone five. What we had to do for milestone five was finally make our memes about nationalism. I made three memes with three very different formats. Those formats were me and the boys, sponge bob throwing paper in water, and Gru sign format. The reason I chose each of these formats is that I thought they were funny and I could effectively use then to send my message. Now I’m going to talk about each of the specific formats. The first format I’m going to be talking about is the me and the boy’s format. As you can see on the meme, it has the caption me and the boys splitting up Africa, and the image is of four people sitting at a table with a split up Africa on it. I think this meme answers the driving question because it shows how the colonists split up Africa without including them. This is further backed up by the political comic from the same time period that this was inspired by.

The next meme I’m going to be talking about is my Spongebob format meme. As you can see, instead of a normal meme where it’s a still image, this is a short video. That is because, for this project, we had to make one TikTok/video meme. I think this meme answers the driving questions because it shows how with little care, the colonists just took away the Africans rights.

The final meme is my Gru sign format meme. I think this meme answers the driving question because it shows how the Europeans taking over Canada was unexpected, especially because the natives were very peaceful.

In conclusion, I think that this was a very fun project and that I learned tons about nationalism and TikTok (which I had only used one before). Overall this was a great learning experience, and I hope we have more projects like it.


I know I know back again so soon with yet another MPOL don’t worry I will talk about that later. For now, I’m going to start by introducing you to the driving question of the MPOL, What is your learning goal that you want to reach by the end of this school year, and how will you meet it? My answer to the question is I want to ensure by the end of the year, I can prepare myself so that I can finish my work to the best of my ability in a reasonable amount of time. So why did I start the blog post with the driving question and an answer? I thought it would be best if I answered the driving question at the start so you could think about it as I talked about how I have already made progress in getting there and how I still need to improve If I hope to achieve my goal. For the next part of this blog post, I’m going to split it up into four sections, one for each class. In those sections, I’m going to use a specific project as an example.

Humanities is the first class I’m going to be talking about, more specifically The Revolutions Project. The basis of this project was to study multiple revolutions throughout time to better understand how they work. This assignment was daunting and took us multiple weeks to complete. What we had to do was in groups We made short videos that explained what happened during revolutions of our choice. The first revolution I’m going to be talking about is the French Revolution. The reason I’m going to be talking about the French Revolution first is that I think that it’s an excellent example of time blocking/time management. For the French Revolution, my group (Ryan, Felix, Angelo, and I) decided we were going to make an animation. Our Jobs were split up like this. I did the animation, editing and voice acting. Ryan wrote the script and voice acting Angelo did the animation and Felix hadn’t joined our group yet. At first, everything went well, and we were getting done, but then it came to the animation, and things went downhill. When it came to animation, I truly underestimated how long it takes to draw and redraw. So what ended up happening was I did a little animating over the weekend then realized I had one day left and a ton of animating to do oh and did I forget to mention I still had to edit the video. So to just cut to the chase, I ended up working till 4:30 am on it, and I have to admit I am proud of how it turned out.

So let’s break down what I did right and what I did wrong and how I could have improved. To start, I’m going to talk about what I did right. One of the biggest things I did right was probably giving myself time over the weekend before the project was due. This was good because I gave myself extra time to work on it instead of just leaving it till the last minute. One of the smaller things I did right was to try to get help from other people in my group. Now for the things that I could have improved. Remember when earlier I was talking about how I set some time over the weekend to work on my animation well, that was also one of my mistakes. Before you get confused, let me explain why you see the mistake wasn’t giving myself time over the weekend; it was underestimating how long it would take to animate, so instead of giving myself 2 hours to work, I gave myself 45 minutes to an hour. The second mistake I made was that even though I asked for help, eventually, it was too late, and it didn’t help that much. So now, let’s discuss how I could have improved. First of all, if I had just planned my time better, I probably wouldn’t have had to stay up till 4:30. But an idea even easier than that if I had just done more research, I would have realized that it would take a very long time, and I could have picked a different idea. Overall there are ways I could have made my life a lot easier for this, and I think those are some things I will have to work on in the future.

The next class I’m going to be talking about is Maker, more specifically, our running a remake project. What did we have to do for this project? We had to make a video; in this case, it was a horror short called Run! and make a copy of it except staring us. One of the biggest things we did well during this project was time management. The reason I say that is because whenever we were filming we were to the point we figured out what we had to film and we got it done wasting as little time as possible. On the other hand, we weren’t very well organized. What I mean by that is when it actually came to figuring out when our group was going to meet, we were pretty much hopeless, entirely relying on our preset meeting times in class. How I think we could have improved is by setting up better communication (preferably through basecamp) and by setting dates at the start and not by a call an hour before. Overall I think we did well, although it shows I could example of how I can improve to become a better student.

Now for Scimatics, I’m only going to be talking about a math project, but I think it works well as an example. The project I’m going to be talking about is our correlation vs causation project. What did we have to do for this project? We had to make a survey and then get as many people as possible to complete it. After doing that, we had to take our results and find examples of correlation without causation and causation. So what did I do right in this project? The biggest thing I think I did right in this project was the splitting up of work in my group. This is a big thing because a lot of the time, I struggle when it comes to doing my fair share in group projects, so even though for some people, this seems like something that’s not worth talking about for me it was a big stride in becoming a better learner. Now for what I did wrong. The biggest thing I did wrong was probably my in-class time management. Because I didn’t spend my time in class well, I ended up having to do the majority of my project at home. This fact, combined with me being a world-class procrastinator, let’s say my project ended up getting done close to the night before. Overall this is an older project, and I have improved when it comes to using class time well, but I thought this would help to show how I have improved.

The final thing I’m going to be talking about is PGP, although the project I’m going to be talking about isn’t a PGP project. Before you get confused, let me explain the project I’m going to be talking about is drum roll please my MPOL, not this MPOL, the one that took place about a week ago as of writing this. So now I answer the question you have probably been asking inside your head why back so soon with a new MPOL? The answer to that is I didn’t do my first one right. Let me explain for our MPOL; there is a sheet that gives you specific instructions on what you need to have in it; here’s a photo of that sheet.

So my big mistake was I completely forgot that sheet existed. Let’s break that down the first mistake I made was not taking notes/adding the basecamp link to my things. That is probably one of the biggest mistakes I made because if I had just done that, this never would have happened. The next big mistake I made was not checking in with my teachers because If I had of checked in with my teachers, they would have said something along the lines of did you check the MPOL handout and I would have said what handout? Then bam problem solved. So how can I make sure I avoid these issues in the future? There are some strategies that I have already been given by my teachers, for example, one strategy I am working on making a habit is when I add projects to things I drag the link to the basecamp milestone.

Another strategy I’m working on making a habit is checking in with my teachers after class to make sure I know what I’m doing. Finally, a strategy I can use is keeping the basecamp for the project open at the side of my screen so I can always look to the side of my screen and be reminded of what I have to improve. Overall there are lots of things I can work on, and I have already started. In conclusion, there are ways I still need to improve, whether it’s making sure I read the instructions right or managing my time. but I also have improved in many ways. Overall I think this past term has been an excellent term for the learning, and I credit a lot of it to my parent-teacher meeting. Now the final thing I have to say is: how I can manage my time effectively without getting distracted by outside sources.

MPOL blog post

In this blog post, I’m going to be doing something pretty different. That is because this blog post is a reflection on how I have improved and how I still need to improve.

Before I start talking about how I have improved and still need to improve I am going to do a quick recap of what has happened so far. This year we have done around 8 projects so far Including one field study.

Now for the good part of the blog how I needed to improve and how I have improved. I think I have improved the most in the past term than in any term before. That is because in the past term I was given a good insight into how I needed to improve. That insight was my parent-teacher interview where we discussed how I needed to improve. Because of that, I was able to improve on issues such as focusing, being a distraction, the quality of my blog posts, ext. I think one of the best examples of improvement was my blog posts because all you have to do to see the improvements is compare two posts one new post and one old post(here’s a good example old post new post). Another big way I have improved is by focusing in class. One of the strategies I have been using to do that was putting my phone on do not disturb and putting my phone in my backpack during class I also took all of the games off of my iPad. The final big way I have improved is being a distraction this is a really good thing because I used to not only get distracted I would go to other people and would distract them too which is probably one of the worst things you can do in class (excluding illegal things). The thing that helped me in getting better at this was the help from my teachers who when I was being a distraction they would call me out on it and I think that helped me. Overall I think I have improved a lot in when it comes to focusing and my blog post quality but I still have a lot to improve on and that’s what I’m going to be talking about in the part of this blog.

So what are the big ways I need to improve? One of the things I still need to improve is my blog posts because even though I have improved when it comes to grammar and looking over my blogs I still struggle with talking about how I demonstrated the competencies. This is important because the competencies are one of the biggest reasons we do blogs. The main reason I have been struggling with this is that I have trouble figuring out how to include the competency’s in my blog. One way I can help fix this is by asking my teacher how they think I can incorporate the competency’s into my blog posts. Another thing I can do is examine some of my peer’s blog posts to see how they incorporate competency’s into their posts. Overall I don’t think it will be too hard to show how I met the competency’s it will just take some work. The next thing that I need to improve on is revision more specifically revision on blog posts I think this is important because not only is it one of the curricular competency’s that I have an emerging but it’s a way you can improve a bad mark to a good mark and it’s not even that difficult because they give us all of the information we need to revise. My plan for working on this is to spare some time on Saturdays when I’m at the library to work on revising blog posts. The final thing that I am going to talk about is time management which is probably one of the biggest issues I need to work on it is also one of the most important issues I need to work on because not having good time management can lead to late assignments and just all around not good stuff. How I can improve my time management is by setting goals for how long I want to take on each assignment and go onto my calendar and block out when I’m going to be working on what. Overall there is a lot that I need to work on but I think if I work hard it is possible.

In conclusion in the last term, I have improved a lot but I still have a lot I can improve on including some big and some small things. Now for this blog post, we were supposed to end with a question so here’s mine how can I optimize the amount of time it takes me to finish assignments so they are to the best of my ability and I have personal time left over?

Winter exhibition

Recently, we had a huge project that was called The Story Strikes Back. Why was it called The Story Strikes Back? It was because we were studying Star Wars. Now, I know what your thinking, isn’t that the best project ever. To answer that I would say yes it was the best project ever. So what did we actually do for this project? The biggest thing we had to do was write a story about a Star Wars character of our choice and then build some sort of artifact  that relates to the story. 

The first thing we did for this project was to learn more about Star Wars and storytelling. We did this by reading short stories and examining them to figure out how to write our own. We also researched Star Wars so we could understand it more. In addition to reading the short story we also watched the Star Wars movies, although that was not mandatory.

The next step was to get assigned groups and planets. My group was Noah, Holly, Fin, Owen, Thomas, and Grace. Our planet was Tatooine. After getting our groups, it was time to start writing our story. The first thing we had to do before actually starting to write was to pick a character. We ended up picking a character named Teemto. The good thing about Teemto is that he had limited back story and that to our advantage.

Now, it was time to start writing our story. Our group divided the story into the 7 core parts of the story structure and each of us picked one part to do. For example, grace did the climax. My biggest challenge when writing my part of the story was making sure that I was using the right tense. I kept switching from past tense and present tense, but I was able to overcome that challenge. One of the big things that helped me overcome that challenge was that made multiple drafts. 

at the same time as we were writing our story, we had to make some sort of item that related to what we were writing about. My original idea was the make a scale model of a land speeder that actually hovered. But after doing research, I realized that it would be a lot more difficult and expensive than I had thought. So I decided to make a working credit chip which is a form of digital currency in Star Wars. This was easier to make because we actually have digital currencies like bitcoin. In the end, what I did was I formatted a USB so it would work as a crypto currency wallet. I also designed a case for it so it would look more like the actual credit chip. Finally I created my own crypto currency called the Imperial Credit using a website called wallet builders.

Finally, on the night of the exhibition, my group had a lot to do. That was because our designated part of the school was the hallway and we weren’t able to start getting ready until around 3:30. Somehow we were able to get our area looking good in a short amount of time and I would credit that to our good teamwork. Overall the night was fun and went by fast. I would have to say the highlight of the night was probably Hoths “snow”. And by snow, I mean cotton candy.

In conclusion, this was one of the best projects I have done in PLP. My highlight was being able to go see the new Star Wars as a class. Overall I think I did well and met the competencies. If you would like to read the entire story here are the links to each person in my groups posts where you will find their partstory part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 , part 6, part 7.


We had to make tiktoks👌

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your teacher assigned you the task of making TikTok’s because that’s exactly what our teacher did? Before you start thinking what kind of teacher would give kids an assignment like that I would like to say that there’s more to the assignment than just memes. The reason we are studying memes is because they fit with Darwin’s theory of evolution. How do they fit into Darwin’s theory of evolution? Just like how animals evolve from natural selection so do memes. For example, memes get more popular people to copy them but when they copy them they put their own spin on them. So over time as people copy memes they can change into completely different memes. Now that you know why we made TikToks here they are 

Take your kid to work day

For take your kid to work day we were given an assignment that assignment was to make a video documenting your day/ interviewing people. On take your kid to work day I ended up going to my mom’s office which I was happy about because it’s enjoyable there.

The first thing I had to do was plan my shots, who I was going to interview, and what questions I was going to ask them. This part wasn’t too hard since I had already been thinking about what questions I wanted to ask. The thing that was harder was figuring out who to interview and that mostly consisted of asking my mom who she thinks would be open to getting interviewed. The final thing was getting a list of what shots I wanted but just like questions I had been thinking about what shots, I wanted for a while so this only took like 7 minutes.

all of my planning done and it was time to actually go to my mom’s office and film. Once I got to my mom’s office I didn’t instantly start filming the first thing I had to do was double-check who I was interviewing. Once I had double-checked who I was interviewing I set up my stuff and did my interviews. After doing my interviews I went out and had lunch with the other kids who were there to take your kid to the workday. After that, I played some VR and went home.

Editing was hard because I had around an hour of footage and was only allowed to have a two-minute video but I made it work.  My biggest struggle when editing was probably the audio because for one of the interviews I had recorded the audio through an external microphone so I had to line up the audio with the video and that took a while.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed take your kid to work day and I think that this was a fun project to do. If I had to pick a highlight it would probably be talking to the Development team or playing VR.

Science blog post

I’m going to be talking about our recent project where we had to research and then make a video explaining ionic and covalent bonds as well as show how electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature.

For this project, we had to meet some guidelines called curricular competencies. The first of those was communicating and it was described as “Formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon”  I followed this competency because I demonstrated during my video and my Bohr model drawings that I could explain through speech and drawings phenomenon like covalent bonding.

The next competency we had to follow was processing and analyzing and it was described as “Construct, analyze and interpret models and/or diagrams.” I meet this competency pretty well although I still have space to improve. The reason I meet this is that one of the things that I think I did pretty well in this project was the Bohr models. Why are the Bohr models so important? Bohr models are so important because they were a huge part of what we had to do for this project. They were such a huge part of our project because everything we had to animate started with a Bohr model.

The Final competency we had to follow was Questioning and predicting and it was described as “Demonstrate a sustainable intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.”  I demonstrated this competency because all throughout the project I demonstrated interest and curiosity about compounds and chemistry overall. I even did outside of school research into certain things I had heard in class that I wanted to learn more about. For example, I did more research into elements.

In conclusion, I demonstrated all of the competency and had a very fun time doing this project.

Mandalorian Review

The Mandalorian is an absolutely riveting show that I would recommend to any sci-fi fan. The reason why I recommend this show so highly, is because by the the time you finish the first episode you are hooked. This is because of the amazing characters, thrilling action scenes, and the beautifully crafted story.

The storyline follows Mando, a bounty hunter hired by a former head of the empire to capture some 55 year old creature. He ends up capturing it, and finds out (spoiler alert) it’s actually a young child. That young child is baby Yoda. He then gives baby Yoda to the man that hired him. later Mando decides that that was the wrong decision and breaks baby Yoda out. That sets us up for all of the adventures to come.

I like the characters so much because, not only is the main character (the Mandalorian aka Mando) amazing, so are the side and some throwaway characters. A good example of this is the throwaway character Mythoral from the first episode. The reason I think he is an example of a good throwaway character is because, even though we only see him for around ten minutes, he helps build upon our main character and provides helpful insights into where this show may go in the future. An example of a great side character is the child, or as he is known to the Internet, baby Yoda. I think baby yoda is a great example of a side character because he helps show the soft side of Mando, and he is basically the entire reason the events in this show take place. Now for the main character, the Mandalorian (aka Mando). I think Mando is a great main character because he’s intriguing, and has real depth. A good example of this is his back story, which at this point is mostly unknown, and that is the reason I think it’s so good. I think that’s a good thing because it adds a bit of mystery to his character and makes you come back to learn more.

Another thing that I love about the Mandalorian is the action. I love the action because it keeps you at the edge of your seat, even though you know Mando won’t die (because he’s the main character). A good example of this is the final scene from episode one where Mando and a bounty droid are trying to capture baby Yoda. They get in a battle with some guards. I like this scene specifically because it’s suspenseful, but there’s also some humour. I think this is because it was written by Jon Favreau, who also wrote Iron Man. That movie does some of the same things with action sequences as this movie.

In closing, I strongly recommend this show for any sci-fi fan or someone who just likes entertaining content. If you want to watch it, it’s available for streaming on Disney Plus today.

Live event post

Hi, for this blog post I’m going to be talking about a very fun project we just did. That project was our live event video. What is a live event video? A live event video is kind of as it sounds, It’s a video that documents a live event you attended or participated in. 

The first thing I had to do when making my live event video was figure out what to do it about. At first I wanted to do a live stream of me playing video games with a friend, but then I was informed that was just an activity, not a live event, which makes sense as it would just be me playing video games. So now I had to come up with a new idea. Luckily my teacher came in clutch with the idea of doing my live event on the upcoming band concert. So that’s what I ended up doing.

Now that I had the actual event that I was going to be documenting, it was time to start planning. The first thing I had to do was plan shots, which wasn’t particularly difficult. Coming up with the shots consisted of me imagining my final video and what that would look like. After working on that for quite a while I had a pretty decent list of shots. Now the next thing I had to do was write my interview questions. since I already knew who I was interviewing it was a lot easier to come up with questions. 

Now that I had finished all of my questions, it was time to go to the event. Once I arrived at the the school, where the event was being held, I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to get shots, so I had to get creative with what shots to get. The first shots I got were of the empty halls. Then I had planned to get a time lapse of people finding there seats, but I got to where the band concert taking place too late. So I wasn’t able to get the shot but I was able to get a shot like that at the end, except instead of people sitting down it was people getting up and leaving which I think turned out very well. Filming the actual performance was probably the easiest part, in my opinion, because all I had to do was balance my phone and stand there. Overall, the filming wasn’t the most challenging part and was actually quite fun.

Now I had all of my filming done and it was time to edit. This, I would have to say, was probably the hardest part of this project. not because of the actual putting the scenes together but because of the transferring the scenes onto my iPad. The reason this was the hardest part, was because whenever I tried to transfer the clips to my iPad it would say “error”. After trying to fix that for a while, I decided to upload it to iCloud and then download it to my iPad. only issue was iCloud would not upload the videos. So after testing ways to fix it, I had to come up with a new idea. That idea was to plug my phone into my computer and transfer all of the videos onto my computer. So then I could just edit it on my computer only issue my phone wouldn’t connect to my computer. I decided to wait till the next day and try again.

The next morning I woke up to a notification saying that all of my videos had started uploading to the cloud, so I was understandably excited. Now that I had all of the videos on my iPad, it wasn’t to hard to edit them together because I had spent over a day imagining what it that look like.

In conclusion, this was a very fun project and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends at the band concert. I also enjoyed listening to all of the great music. If I was to do this again I would probably get even more shots and come earlier so there were less people.