Running a remake

For this blog post I’m going to talking about a project we did recently which was called running a remake. For this project we had to take a video called run and make a carbon copy of it. The first the thing that happened in this project was our teacher sat us in front of the projector screen and played a video which was the video we would end up having to make a copy of. After that we were assigned our groups mine was me Anders and Ciara. After getting our groups we had to start on a screen play which we finished pretty fast after that is was onto our storyboard and call sheet I was in charge of the call sheet and Anders and Ciara were doing the storyboard until later on when Ciara swapped roles within me. Overall all of that stuff went well but now it was time to film.

when we started filming there were a few key things we forgot about which was the fact that we didn’t think about the think all of the props they used in the video for example the guy in the video was wearing a tuque and wearing a pair of headphones which in he first draft of our video we did not include other than that and the fact that we forgot to film a few scenes the filming of our first video was pretty good.

The editing on the other hand was not the best some scenes were a little off and the music wasn’t lined up the best that being said I don’t think it was the worst it could have been no. After editing we got marked we got an emerging then it was time for peer critique where we got some good suggestions for example they talked about how our video was too long which was true.

now that we had some things to work on it was time to do our final draft and that meant re filming our entire video which was a little bit annoying but was necessary. Our re filming went pretty well except for when we were filming the final jumps are and we realized that we needed three people two to be in the scene and one two film but we only had two so what we ended up having to do was prop my phone up on a branch of a tree in order to film also it didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing the right colour. Other than that our second time filming was definitely better than the first.

now that our second filming was done it was time for editing 2.0 one thing that was better about editing this time was that I wasn’t doing it myself I was being helped by anders which helped a lot and I think the video looks a lot better because of it.

In conclusion I think this was a fun project although I would have enjoyed it a lot more if instead of making a carbon copy we tried to improve the video because there were some ways in my opinion it could have been made better.

PGP Alberta Blog post

For this blog post my first PGP blog post of this year I will be talking about a trip you took recently in which we travelled to Alberta. In this blog I will be talking more about the fun things we did during this trip but if you would like to read about the more work side of the trip you can find that here. Before I talk about all of the fun activities we did in Alberta I think I should talk about where we spent a big majority of our time on this trip which was the bus/van. In my opinion out of the two options the van was my favourite because even though it could be cramped at times it was much more comfortable than the bus and a lot quieter. Although that doesn’t mean that the bus was bad it’s just I would prefer the van. For this post because I have already talked about some of the things we did this trip I’m mostly just going to talk about some of the bigger things in more detail. Overall in this trip some of my favourite activities we did happened when we were in Calgary for example one of my favourite things we did was beaker head/beaker head spectacle . To start I’m going to talk about beaker head which is an art event that happens every year I don’t know if it’s like this every year but this year it was in a library and had around 6 or 7 different art pieces including my favourite a motion tracking one where using a Xbox connect and a highish powered pc the artist took anyone standing in a certain area and converted them into different cool things. Another cool piece of art was one of the artists took a projector and an actor and literally projected her art on the actor who had to stay still for hours which is pretty insane in my opinion like just imagine have to sit still for hours on end I mean I couldn’t do that. Overall I think beaker head was super fun and very interesting also I forgot to mention it was right beside our hotel which meant when you were ready you could go back to the hotel so you could either go after an hour or like three hours which I thought was pretty cool. The second fun thing I wanted to talk about was beaker head spectacle which in my opinion is like the bigger brother to beaker head and by that I mean instead of around 6 or 7 art insulations there were like 20 which is a big step up also instead of being held in a small closed library beaker night was held in this huge area which I can’t really explain so here’s a photo.

One of my favourite things I saw at beaker head spectacle was this huge dragon thing that could breath fire I would explain why that’s so awesome but I’m pretty sure the awesomeness of that is pretty self explanatory so here’s a photo.

Overall I think beaker head spectacle was fricken awesome I kinda want to go to it next year if I can. In the midst of all of this fun stuff though we were working on two kinds smaller projects one was a video and the other was a kinda journal thing called our daily note where each day we had to answer a question our teachers gave us. Just before hand I would like to say I am not going to go into to much detail into each of these things but if you would like to read about these in more detail go to my last blog post here. Thinking about how I worked on those assignments now I see there are a ton of ways I could have improved for example when it comes to the daily note everyday we would get around fifteen minutes to work on it then we would go off and do our activities for the day which seemed perfect until We did it for the first time and I daydreamed for about 13 minutes and then didn’t work on it at any other point in the day which was stupid because there was always tons of other points in the day when I could have worked on it. In my opinion I think The reason I didn’t work on it at any other point was probably distraction for example when I got back to my hotel room after we were done for the day I would mess around with my friends get ready for bed then watch Netflix and sleep what I should have been doing is messing around with my friends getting ready for bed but instead of watching Netflix I should have been doing my daily note and I think if I had done that it would have made a big difference. The video on the other hand I don’t think was the worst although while I’m on this topic I think I could have made my questions a lot better beca basically all of my questions were on the topic of the pipeline which was and still is a big topic in Alberta although it would have been better if I had more diversity in my questions.

Overall I think there was some big ways I could have improved on my projects but other than that it was a super fun trip and I learned a ton.

Correlation vs causation project

Hi for this blog post I’m going to talk about a project we did about a week ago for math which was titled correlation vs causation and as titled was about correlation and causation. Just before I start I think it is probably pretty necessary to know the difference between correlation and causation so here’s that in my own words correlation is two thing following a similar pattern for example as the amount times I trip gos up the temperature goes down but that doesn’t mean that me tripping cause the temperature lower it may just be because for other reasons I trip more around let’s say December. Causation is when one of those things is the direct reason for the other for example someone sitting on a couch 24/7 while eating Doritos and being fat.

Now that we have that cleared up I can start the first thing in this project that happened was getting our groups which for me was the person sitting beside me until they left to work with a friend which in the words of professor hulk from end game I see this as an absolute win the reason I saw that as an absolute win was because that meant I was able to work with one of my friends Angelo. After getting our groups we had to come up with survey ideas and because me and the friend I was with are pretty techie people so most of our questions focused around technology but there was the odd question about for example how long you sleep. After we had all of our questions we had to put it into a survey for that I used survey monkey then sent it out to mostly PLP students with the occasional non PLP student.

After getting our survey responses we took them and we had to look for correlation and causation me specifically I was assigned the role of finding causation and I did sort of what I found was a clear correlation between the amount of email addresses you have and the amount of times you have had to change your password but finding the causation was a little iffy what’s I found was the magority of people who 1-5 for the amount of emails had also picked 1-5 on amount of times having to change password because they forgot it. But overall that wasn’t enough evidence.

Other than that everything seemed to go pretty well and I think our presentation was a success. Overall if I were to do this project again I would probably spend more time looking for better causation and be more prepared for my presentation.

Blogging challenge week 4 WordPress vulnerability’s and how to protect against them

Hi for this week of the blogging challenge I’m going to talk about WordPress vulnerability’s and how you can protect yourself from them. Surprisingly there are tons of different vulnerability’s in WordPress and they come in all shapes and sizes the first one I’m going to talk about in this blog post are vulnerable themes. After researching the majority of vulnerability’s were xxs (cross site scripting) or sql injection (code injection technique) in case you want to know more about these exploits I will link two helpful articles sql injection xxs. Now some ways you can protect against these attacks the easiest and really the only way is to just download a theme that isn’t vulnerable. But how can you do that you ask well there are a few different ways but I would recommend just doing research for example if you are not sure just put the name of the theme into this database and if it’s vulnerable it should pop up for example here a photo of me searching up the theme I’m using right now

For the next vulnerability I’m going to talk about one of the most simple yet where the majority of people screw up which is your password fun fact did you know in a recent study the uk national cyber security centre found that 23.2 million people had the password 123456 (you can find that here)so if that’s your password you should probably change it. Even though that password seems as though it would be easily hacked even more complex passwords can be hacked relatively easily using a technique called a brute force attack more specifically a dictionary attack. What is a dictionary attack you ask well a dictionary attack is a form of brute force attack where whatever tool you are using takes a list of anywhere from 100 to 11000000 passwords (the dictionary) and it tests too see if any of them match with your password the reason this is so effective when it comes to cracking passwords is the fact that most dictionary’s contain password from hacks for example you can download a dictionary that contains every password leaked in the Ashley Madison hack from August of 2015 which if I’m not mistaken was multiple million. In my opinion the reason that is so important is because just like me from a few months ago the majority of peoples passwords follow this formula some significant name or thing with some letters swapped out for numbers and maybe an exclamation point at the end just to top it off. for example I took the most popular male dog name which is Charlie and did exactly what I just said to it I think it would look something like this Ch4rl13!. Now doesn’t that look secure to most people it probably does but thinking about it if you have a password like that there is a significant chance that someone else has the same password as you. So how do you protect against these attacks and try to make your account more secure first of all I would recommend making you password a combination of random characters for example +6^5yFcPKtfcL=56~5_ the reason I say that is because a password like that is almost impossible to guess and the chances of someone else having the same password are around 1 in 2 Billion. The only issue with this type of password is it’s super hard to remember so what I would recommend is if there’s nobody in your house that may try to steal your password to just write it down on a sticky note and put it somewhere you won’t lose it if you can’t do that what I would recommend is to use a secure password storage program for example personally I use last pass because it’s secure and it’s easy to use. One more thing I like about last pass is it also generates passwords so you don’t have to come up with them yourself.

in conclusion there are ways people can hack your wordpress blogs but there also ways you can protect against them. That being said I’m not guaranteeing that by following my tips your blog will be hack proof so just stay safe and have fun blogging.

Blogging Challenge Week 5 Music

Hi for this week of the blogging challenge we were given a list of eight different music themed tasks out of those eight we had to pick three I picked create a survey, create a quiz, and make a playlist. The first two were pretty easy for the survey I just wrote down some pretty basic questions for example what is your favourite music genre. If you would like to participate in that survey just check it out here. The second thing I had to do was the quiz which was harder because although I listen to a lot of music I don’t know much about the musicians themselves or like any trivia facts so making the quiz was pretty hard. But after some research I came up with a few good questions if you would like to tests your skill you can do that here. Finally I had to make a playlist which wasn’t the hardest. I started by picking a theme which was like chill/mellow music so being a person who already listens to that music a lot I just kinda threw together some good songs and I think it sounds pretty good so if you have Apple Music here’s a link to the playlist.

About Me

Hi, my name is Matthew. I’m a 9th-grade student from Vancouver British Columbia. I enjoy computers, video games, programming, and politics. I have a dog named Rex and a cat named Coda. I mostly spend my free time playing around with my computer while watching something. I also really enjoy hanging out with friends and watching movies.

My new avatar

For this year I will be changing my avatar to Howard the duck from the live action movie Howard the duck. The reason this will be my new avatar is because the Howard the duck comics that the movie is based on were the first comics I ever owned. Another reason I decided to pick this as my avatar is because I find the character quite funny like it’s a duck that smoke cigars and fights villains how is that not funny.

Exponents Board Game

For my second blogpost of this year I will be talking about one of our smaller projects we’ve done so far which was our game of exponents project for math. For this project what we had to do was make a boardgame based around exponent laws in groups of two although I was in a group of three. The first thing we had to do was come up with our game idea so being that me and my group mates (Brenton, Ryan, and me) are pretty political we decided to make a game where you run for president which I thought sounded pretty fun. After we came up with our idea we had to get it approved by the teacher which we did thankfully. Now that we had our idea approved by the teacher it was time to start writing the rules.

In my opinion coming up with the rules was the second most fun thing we did in this project aside from actually playing the game. How we ended up doing the rules was we brainstormed and then Ryan would write them down with detail which worked well. After we made the rules it was time to start on the actual board and game pieces. Our board just ended up being a map of America cut up into regions. The more interesting thing we had to make for our game was the cards because for the images on them we found political memes or got funny images that fit with what it said on the card. The final thing we had to get for the game were the game coins and the die which ended up being pretty easy because for the currency we ended up just using cents.

now that we had our game pieces and board done it was time to show it to other people to get feedback so in class there everybody swapped with another group and they would play our group and we would play theirs and give them feedback. We got decent there were a few things we had to change for example they said it was a little slow. With that feed back we had a few days to fix our game which we did. Now that we had the final versions of our games it was time to show it to a different class by that I mean another class came to our class and groups of twos played our games and I have to say our game had great reception from the group that played it.

in conclusion this was a super fun project and I learned a ton about exponents and truly this is a project that I would do again.

Here are the rules

This land is us project

For the first blog post of this year I will be talking about about one of our most recent projects. This project was about how place effects us. The first thing we did in this project was getting the driving question how does place effect us which led to an introductory assignment on how place specifically effects ourselves. For this I made a mind map with four categories weather, Healthcare, Deep Cove, and Wilderness from those categories I listed some ways those things effected me for example under weather I put used to the cold because Vancouver tends to be a pretty cold area so as you grow up you slowly adapt to the heat/weather.

After we finished that we started our next milestone where we had to write a paragraph about an article we read except there was a catch we were in groups of four and each person was given a lens for example mine was political. The article my group read was an article about the pipeline and making more jobs. I liked the article my group was assigned because it was political and that was perfect because that was my lens.

The next things we did was get the groups that we would have during the Alberta trip for me that was Jude, Angelo, and Alex. We also got our peoples groups which basically means the specific group of people you would be interviewing about how Alberta effects them. For example my group got Albertans so we had to ask Albertans about how living there effects them in different ways. Another thing we had to do for this was pick lenses to use when interviewing I picked political. After we got our groups and peoples we had to start planning for the trip by making a trip planning sheet. The planning sheet was so we knew what we would need to do while in Alberta and so our teacher knew we knew what we were doing.

By the time we had finished our planning sheets it was time to go to Alberta which was hard due to the fact we had to get to the school by 6:30 which meant getting up at 5:30 so I could make sure I had everything I needed for the trip. After having a shower collecting my bags I left for the school. When I arrived I was met with the news that I was in the van which from experience can either be a blessing or a curse so when I got in the very back seat and there was tons of leg space I was like 🥳 and it was that way for around maybe like 3 hours until we had to pick up one of our teachers and bam 💥 no leg room but enough with that. after that we went to lunch and stopped at the last spike which was interesting after that we went to the three valley gap where we would be sleeping the night but first we would have to film a video for our maker class but I’m not going to get into that. Before I talk about what we did next I would like to talk about something I forgot to earlier which is the daily note what we did in the daily note was each day we were given a question to answer for example what are you most looking forward to. Now I’m going to skip to the really important part of this trip which were our interviews our first two interviews were at a market where we talked to a very nice man named Bernie who owned a farm we also talked to a younger man who worked as a a brewer for a gin distillery the next guy we interviewed worked at a ski resort that we visited who was very interesting the final interview we had was with a nice lady who worked at the world’s largest dinosaur.

before I finish off with the trip part of this blog post I just want to talk about a few highlights. One beakerhead I really enjoyed beakerhead because it’s all about science and art my favourite exhibit/art piece was one where it tracked your movements and made like a digital copy of you. Another thing we did was beaker night which is like the bigger brother to the beakerhead event we went to the night before and if I’m being honest it was better mostly because it was a lot bigger of an event and there were sculptures that could breath fire.

once we got back from our trip I had two things I still had to do for this project edit and revise my video and finish my now late daily note the daily note was the easiest thing I had to get done where as the video took longer because we had two do a draft before our final video. Overall finishing the video wasn’t too hard even though I ended up procrastinating on some of things we had to do for it.

in conclusion I think this was a great project and overall I learned a ton whether it’s how place effects people or about dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrell Museum I can’t truly say this was a great learning experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Spring exhibition

For the final school related blog post of this year (I hope to make a few blog posts this summer.) I will be talking about the spring exhibition or more specifically blue sky. Just to start off I have to say blue sky was one of my favourite projects this year.

Now its time to actually start talking about specifics. When we first started this project we were given a launch journal to keep track of everything we had done. I found this quite helpful because I knew we would have to make this blog post and I also knew that the launch journal would make that a lot easier. 

The first thing we had too do in this project was the section look listen learn. In this section we had to do a few tasks. The first one was we had to come up with a few things that bothered us that we wish we could have changed ex. The biggest issue facing our school is vaping. The second task was we had to come up with some other challenges that face our earth for example seniors fall victim to tech support scams usually because of lack of knowledge. The final task was we had to come up with some products for example you can modify a sphero to make it a kind of dog toy.

The next part I actually forgot to do so I’m just going to skip to the how might me for how might we we had to make a statement then answer it for example How might we fit all of the electronics in a ball that’s small enough for a dog A: I plan on modifying a sphero which already has the right sized electronics to make what I want.

For the next page of the launch journal is the ask section. For the ask section we had to do two things a need to know chart and an action plan. For the need to know chart we had to say what we needed to know and how we would find that out for example does it have to fully work then the next step would be ask the teacher. For action plan we had to look at all of the steps and things we had to finish and put a date we wanted it done by for example I will put my chart right under this.

For one of the most important parts but my least favourite because we had to do a ton of writing drum roll… the pitch form. For the pitch we had to to explain seven things those are  an introduction, rationale, research, materials, plan, exhibition, and client. If you want more specifics here’s the actual pitch form.

For the understand section we had to do two things our primary sources and secondary sources for that I did a survey and looked at some tool. What I learned from that survey is people and I kinda agreed about the idea which was that the ball would go fast it would be bright coloured ext. here’s the survey.

This part of the book was the thing we had to do just before we got approved to create. For this section we had to bundle all of our ideas then sort through them I sorted mine into my ideas ideas from the survey and then there was another section for after I got rid of ideas that wouldn’t work which was called ideas that survived the culling. After I handed in this page I had to make a few changes before I was ready to create.

Once I was ready was ready to create I had to do the create stage of our launch journal where we had to do two things rapid prototyping and live prototyping sadly due to being not smart and screwing up I didn’t get the second part done but I can’t dwell on that. For rapid prototyping I made a 3d model of what I wanted to make which was a shell for a sphero to make it more dog friendly. The second rapid prototype was the actual code to make the sphero move around random so the dog can chase it. 

Now for the part you have all been waiting for the actual exhibition the first thing we did for this was we were put in groups I was in a group with Emerson, Sam, Jason, and Lauren. The first thing we actually did as a group was come up with what snacks and where everybody would be in our Area I was in the back. Also around this time I actually struggling with finishing my project because I wasn’t able to 3d print the shell and it was too close to the day of the exhibition so sadly I wasn’t able to finish my project. Now back to getting ready for the exhibition I was in charge of bringing kook aid and some props for our area.

Now the night of the exhibition was very fun I talked to tons of nice people and it sounded like they liked my idea. Throughout the night I also looked at tons of other peoples stations where I saw cool products my favourite was a slide that you put on your stairs. After all of that it was time for cleanup this is a video of that made by a person in my group Jason. Ps. Here’s the full launch journal in case you want to see it.

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