Podcast project

Hi, how’s it going it’s been a while. So what have you been doing (now just say what you have been doing out loud) you know what I’ve been doing I’ve been doing a new project. What is that new project? Podcasts more specifically we had to come up with a podcast idea then create a trailer for our podcast.

The first thing we had to do for this project was research podcasts. I mean we also had to create a blog post about identity but that’s not important. Ok, maybe it’s a little important. Ok, fine I’ll talk about it. Basically, we had to talk about our understanding of identity and create a gif about our identity. I’m not going to into detail on all of this though because I already did the blog post so if you are interested in reading about it here’s a link.

Also here’s my gif

Now back to my first thought so we had to research podcasts. For me, researching podcasts wasn’t super hard since I already listen to a lot of podcasts. During my research, I found a few new interesting podcasts. Those podcasts were Bad Friends, Those Conspiracy Guys and Trash Taste. What I learned from researching podcasts is the different types of podcasts and the different strategies for transitions and openings.

After researching podcasts we had to create a podcast plan. My first idea for a podcast was the wsb cast which stands for wall street bets podcast. The wsb cast was meant to be about the subreddit wall street bets a place for putting your life saving into Tesla calls. It was going to be a comedic podcast with one host and an interview. Why didn’t that idea work? Well, to be honest, it wasn’t the most interesting idea also I didn’t really bring anything special to the subject. What idea did I end up doing? In the end, I ended up doing a podcast where each week I would have a guest on and we would talk about a random topic. 

After getting our pitch accepted we had to start creating our podcast trailer. That meant writing a script, making intro/transition music and actually recording our podcast trailer. For our music, we used garage band which is a pretty cool tool. More specifically I at least used the live loops which allows you to pick a genre of music then click these little buttons to add beats and stuff. Here’s an example

For the actual recording, I just used voice memos because for me that was easier than garage band. After recording on voice memos I would then export it into garage band for editing. Editing on garage band wasn’t that hard so it went pretty fast. One of the tricks I used for editing was automation which allows you to fade in music. Now that I have gone over the process I took to make my podcast trailer here it is.

Overall I like how my trailer turned out Although I think I could have made the audio better and made some different music for transitions.

Weakly check in

What did I learn this week? This week I learned about my new project the greatest Canadian and my last project, project podcast. For my last project last week I learned about the editing process of making a podcast and the music creation process. For my new project, I learned about a 2004 show all about who the greatest Canadian was which was pretty intriguing. I also learned more about terry fox which was also pretty interesting. Finally, I learned about the details of our new project where we are going to have to make an episode of our podcast about who we think is the greatest Canadian. Overall I think this was a very productive week where I learned a lot.


Identity what does it mean according to the oxford dictionary it means “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.” But to me identity means computers, movies, not liking camping, hot chocolate on a cold winters day, and the boat rides I take every year in honour of my grandfather who passed away. 

The reason I decided to start my blog with a little bit about identity is one so you could know a little more about me and two because that’s the topic for this blog post. As I said In the last sentence this blog post is about identity more specifically an assignment that we did about identity one where we had to make a gif about our identity.

For our gif we had to edit a photo of ourselves with a double exposure of an image that represents our identity(in case you don’t know what a double exposure is here’s an explanation https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make-a-trendy-double-exposure-effect-in-adobe-photoshop–cms-23774). After making our double exposure image we had to put it into keynote and turn it into a gif after adding some logos/images that represent us as an example here’s mine.

For my photo, I included the logos for Minecraft, Windows, GitHub, and osu. I also included photos of among us, brainf**k, and a box jade key switch. I picked all of these because I really think they represent who I am as a person who loves computers, coding, gaming, and keyboards. I decided to just use these few aspects of my identity because I feel like they are the most important when it comes to my personality and just who I am.

In conclusion, this activity made me really think about identity and more importantly my identity. My favourite part about this activity would be making the double exposure image because I didn’t know much about it before this assignment and it was really fun to make. Now finally the final requirement for this post was to describe our understanding of identity. My understanding of identity is something that everyone has based on their personality and interests. I came to this understanding of identity-based off on all of the writing and activities we did about identity.

TPOL 2020 edition

So this is it the TPOLs once again well let’s see how this goes. For this post, I’m going to have it split into each class. For each of those classes, I’m going to talk about how I have improved and how I still need to improve to answer the driving question which is Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

I feel over this term in humanities it’s a bit harder to find improvement since it was entirely online although there was one very big thing I’m much less of a distraction now. Other than that I haven’t really improved. Some of the habits I still need to work on is better time management and higher quality work. A good example of both is my Gold project more specifically both of the videos I had to make for it. The first of those videos I’m going to be talking about is my Goldrush trailer. My trailer was a good example because even though it was a work of art that could’ve only been made by the best human on earth you could say it didn’t fit into the project requirements which is why it’s a good example of the quality of work. The second video was my final Gold Trails & Ghost Towns video where I had to take a story from an old show called Gold Trails & Ghost Towns and make a short video about it. So where did I go wrong? For this assignment, I had terrible time management which led to me finishing my video about a week late. How am I going to work on my time management and quality of work? For time management I’m going to start time blocking and using things again since I have more or less stopped doing those things. For the quality of work, I’m going to start doing my work at least two days before it’s due so I have more time to make sure my work is at the best quality it can be.

Over this term in science just like in humanities I haven’t improved that much. Even though I didn’t improve that much I still feel that I have improved a little a good example of that is our most recent project (disclaimer as of writing I still haven’t handed in the final part of the project) meiosis models. The part of this project where I think I have shown improvement is our models what type of improvement? The improvement I made during this project was I have started doing revisions which is something that I have always struggled with. What I revised for this project was my models by adding arrows showing what things are/what they are doing. What I still need to work on is pretty much the same as humanities and since I already covered that in that the humanities part of this blog I’m just to do a quick recap. I need to work on time management and quality of work I’m going to do those by using things and giving myself more time to work on assignments.

Over this term in Math, I haven’t seen much improvement although I did enjoy our last project. The reason why it’s hard for me to find ways I have improved in math during this term is because we have only done one project. How I still need to improve is I need to focus more in class. I need to do that because I find myself getting easily distracted during classes. That would normally leave me having no clue what’s going on but luckily we still have basecamp. That’s good because it gives me the ability to look at what assignments I have and how to do them. Although Even though I have those tools it’s still very important to focus in class. How am I going to make sure I stay focused during class the biggest thing that distracts me during class is my computer so instead of just turning it off by using the front button which is easy to reach I’m going to just unplug the computer. Other than that I need to work on the same things as in science and humanities.


Over this term in maker, I think I have improved a little bit when it comes to the time and enjoyment I put into my work especially videos although sometimes I can get too ambitious. A good example of me getting too ambitious was our maker project Witness to history. For Witness to history, we had to make a short video about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community. Where I went wrong with this project was I thought that I could make this masterpiece of a video but pretty soon I realized that it would be a lot harder than I had thought. Due to that, I ended up finishing late without what I had set out to make. Some ways I still need to improve are I need to be less ambitious and follow instructions better. The reason I need to follow instructions better is because sometimes when we have to use specific software like iMovie I don’t use it because I dislike iMovie. How I can work on these things is by using software whether or not I like it. For avoiding being too ambitious I’m going to talk to my friends and ask them if I’m being too ambitious before starting.

Alright, now it’s time for the conclusion where I will answer the driving question which is Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level? to answer that I would say yes I think I am ready for the next grade although it will be a lot of work. I say that because even though I think I have improved a lot over this year I still have lots to work on when it comes to focusing and other things. The other big reason why next year is going to be hard is because assuming that at some point next school year we will be going back to in-person school it’s going to be a huge change. Finally, when going back to in-person school I will have to make sure that I don’t fall back into my old bad habits. Thanks for reading my TPOL post and have a nice day.

Time is money

Hi, how’s it going hope you’re having a good day. Today I’m going to be talking about our recent Time is money project. For this blog post I’m just going to focus on what I think were the three most important milestones 2, 3, and 4.

The first milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 2. What we had to do for milestone 2 was make a spreadsheet. What that spreadsheet had to include things like how much we made from the job we did and how much we spent to do the job. Overall this wasn’t the hardest milestone but it was one of the most important because it helped us gather the information we needed.

For milestone three we had to make an equation using a template give to us here is the template.

After I filled out this template here’s how it looked after I filled it in.

Overall even though this was probably one of the shortest milestones I feel it was important to mention because I wouldn’t have been able to make my graph without it.

The final milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 4 which was to create our graph. Just like the last one this wasn’t the hardest but it was the most important since it was our final milestone. For the graph we used an app called Desmos which is a graphing calculator app. Overall this was an interesting milestone because it was one of my first times graphing.


In conclusion this was an important enjoyable project. The final thing I’m going to talk about are the competencies for this project. Those competencies are understanding and solving, communicating representing, connecting, and reflecting. The first competency I’m going to be talking about is understanding and solving. I think I met this competency because throughout this project I had to problem solve when it came to learning the new math and finishing my graph. The second milestone I’m going to talk about it communicating and representing. I think I met this competency because I showed the mat I did multiple times in my keynote and my graph. The final competency I’m going to be talking about is connecting and reflecting. I think I met this competency because for this project we had to link mathematical concepts to jobs we would be doing in our personal life.

Witness to history

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be talking about our recent witness to history project. For this project we had to complete a video essay talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community. In this blog post I’m only going to be focusing on what I think are the most important milestones which are milestones 5, 2, and 1.

For milestone 1 what we had to do was fill out our need to knows and make a short fake trailer. For this milestone I’m mostly just going to focus on the trailer we had to make. For the trailer we had to set it during the goldrush. For my video I decided to make a horror trailer with a twist. My trailer was in the style of grindhouse trailers from the 70s (this was a mistake but I will get back to that). The first thing I did when making my trailer was write a script.

After that I made a shot list so I could figure out which shots to get when to get them. After I did all of that it was time to get my props ready and film. The filming went relatively well I had some issues with locations to film and props but we did end up getting all the shots we needed. Now it was time for what in my opinion was the hardest part of this assignment post-production this is also where the whole this was a mistake thing comes into play. Let me explain one thing that I didn’t mention earlier was that we had to do all of our editing on iMovie and use one of the pre-made templates. Let’s just say I had forgotten about that so I did all of my editing on premiere pro. So other than that it went pretty well and here’s the video.

For milestone 2 what we had to do was pick a storytelling method and make a story spine. The storytelling method as picked was Freytag’s pyramid which looks like this.

Now that I had picked the storytelling method I was going to use I had to fill it in. If I’m being honest this wasn’t the hardest. After filling it in I handed it in and got my feedback. I then fixed up my story spine and resubmitted. 

The final milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 5 the actual video essay. This was probably the worst I have ever done when It comes to finishing a video. I say that because of how long it took me to finish compared to the quality of my video. The reason my video took so long was the fact that I was trying to film chronologically instead of filming the easy parts first/ the shots I could get at the time. This was one of the big reasons why my filming took so long another reason was because I had my editing deleted so I had to re-edit a few times. In the end I had a decent video that took 2 weeks. If I were to do this again I would probably make an in detail script and shot list like I did for my trailer.

In conclusion I think there were many ways I could have improved if I had just done a little more planning. For the competencies of this project Which are how might I use technology to learn more and how might I use technology to connect to the world. I think I met Which are how might I use technology to learn more because through making my video essay I did online research and learned more about filmmaking. For the second competency how might I use technology to connect to the world I think I met it because I learned more about how the world and the people around me were reacting to covid19. 

DI provincials

Hi, just before I start talking about a very interesting DI provincials, I would like to say I hope you are having a good isolation. Now that that’s over let’s talk about DI provincials.

There were some significant differences between this DI provincial and last years we can credit that to COVID 19 and social isolation. The biggest of the differences is that technically there were no DI provincials this year. Let me explain, because of the government’s advice about conventions and gatherings they had to cancel DI. But, that didn’t stop PLP because we ended up doing a PLP run DI over zoom. Another big challenge was the fact that all of our props, including our invention, were at school.

Now, what did we do to prepare for DI provincials? Before we found out that DI was cancelled, we had been working on a solution for our invention because our last one had failed. We had a pretty good design down, but sadly due to unforeseen issues, we weren’t able to get the parts in time. Then a few days later, we heard DI was cancelled. Because of that, I didn’t work on it till about two weeks later when we found out that we were going to do our challenge over zoom.

After hearing that, we started getting prepared for our presentation. The first thing we did was figure out how to get our impact scenery to work. What we ended up doing was using the green screen background thing on zoom we had two background, and we switched between them. The next thing we had to figure out was how to make our invention work for our presentation. What we ended up coming up with was someone in our group would share their screen and show a fridge closing.

Overall our performance went very well, including our instant challenge. I think if we had our props, we would have had a much better performance. In conclusion, I think we did improve our props and solution, and I am sad that we weren’t able to present them. The final thing I’m going to talk about is the main competency for this project which is research and understand. I think I met this competency because throughout the project we had to research many different things to do with technology in order to complete our challenge. If you want to read my blog about DI regionals, click here.

Louis Riel ethical dimensions

Recently we did a massive project about ethical dimensions. The driving question for that project is How can we present past actions and decisions through images to help us make decisions of what is fair or unjust? For this blog post, what I’m going to be talking about what I think are the three most important milestones. Those milestones are 1, 2, and 4.

The first milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone one what we had to do for milestone one was we had to find an event within the last 30 years involving indigenous peoples and write a one-page paper explaining the who, what, when, where, and why. For my paper, I talked about what was going on with the Wet’suwet’en barricades and protests. Overall this was an exciting assignment, which I enjoyed because I had already done some research into this topic since it was super interesting.

The second milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 2. What we had to do milestone two was we got our groups (mine was me and meg), then we had to pick a topic ours was the Doukhobors. The next step was to do a worksheet that we would fill with the research we had done on our subject. Overall this was a significant milestone that I think was very important because it helped build our understanding of our topic. It was just really interesting to learn more about the Doukhobors (they protested by running around nude).

The last milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 4. What we had to do for milestone four was after finishing the images, we had to present them to the class in the form of a keynote presentation. I could have done better in my presentation if I had practiced more. The reason I say that is because I was a little unsure what to say in my presentation, so I felt like I was Stalling in between my words. Other than that, I think we had a good presentation, and our images turned out well.

In conclusion, this was a very interesting project, and I enjoyed reading and learning about Louis Riel and the Doukhobors. If I were to do this project again, I probably would have had better communication with my partner. I would also have helped more with the images because I felt like it wasn’t enough just doing one image. Now finally, the competency’s connect and understand ethical dimensions. I think I meet the competency connect because, throughout the project, I looked at the textbooks and the graphic novel we read through other points of view to help me understand how other people and I understand the texts. I think I meet the competency Understand Ethical Dimensions because I have shown my ability to decide if actions and decisions of the past were fair or unjust. I showed this through my active role in the debate where the discussed if Louis Riel’s execution was just or unjust. I also demonstrated this competency through all of the writing we did about if he was a hero or villain.

Rube Goldberg science

Recently we had to do a project about Rube Goldberg machines and circuits. More specifically, we had to make a machine that showed the scientific method then make a short video explaining it. For this blog post, I’m going to be talking about what I believe are the three most essential milestones milestone 1, 4, and 5.

What we had to do for milestone one was first we got our groups mine was me, Ciara, and Jude. After getting our groups, we had to make the start of a project mind map so we could see what we already knew about the subject. The reason why I found this milestone so important was because it helped immerse myself in this project and figure out what I already knew about the subject.

The second milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 4. The reason I think milestone 4 is so important is because it is when you first actually put your Rube Goldberg machine designs on paper. What we had to do for this milestone was to make a blueprint for our Rube Goldberg machine that had measurements. We had to do this in two parts. In part one, we had to make a draft for what we wanted the machine to look like. Then we showed it to our other group members. After showing it to our group members, we had to start part two, which was making the final blueprint.

The final milestone I’m going to be talking about is milestone 5. What we had to do for milestone five was finish building our machine and make our video. I think this was probably the most critical milestone because it marked the completion of the two most essential parts of this project.

In conclusion, this was a very interesting project. If I were to change one thing that I did, I would probably have gotten the video done on time. I think I met the competency’s in this project.

DI Regionals

For this blog post, I’m going to be talking about one of PLP’s yearly traditions DI. What is DI? DI is a student lead challenge wherein small groups you are tasked with something like building a drone, and you have to complete that task then present your solution in the form of a story. In this blog post, I’m going just to be talking about what I think were the three most important stages of this project. Those stages are 1, 2, and 3 I picked these because I believe they helped me and will also help me show you what we did and what I learned.

For stage 1, what we did was we got our groups (mine was Fin, Ryan, Grace, Owen, Kia, and I), then we got our actual challenge mine was technical. Then finally, we started learning about what we had to do for our challenge, which, in my case, was to build an invention that solves a real-world problem. Overall I think this was a significant milestone because It helped develop our understanding of what we would have to do for this project and helped get us into the mood of problem-solving. If I were to have done this stage again, I probably would have spent more time learning about my challenge because we made a few errors in our design phase.

For stage 2, what we had to do was start generating Ideas for our story, invention, elements, etc. The ideas I generated were for our invention, which was an automatic fridge door closer, which sounds pretty interesting but really isn’t. Other than the invention, I didn’t come up with any other ideas, although I did help some people come up with ideas. Overall this was probably the most or second most important stage we had to do for this project. If I were to do this again, I probably would have spent more time and picked a different idea because the one we went with ended up being hard.

For the final stage, I’m going to be talking about stage 3 what we had to do for stage 3 was we had to start planning for what materials we were going to need. We also had to do a ton of sheets for planning what we would do if things went wrong, for example, if our invention didn’t work. Finally, we had to finalize what our deliverables were going to be (an example of a deliverable would be our invention.) Overall this wasn’t the hardest stage, but it did take a lot of work mostly because it required doing a lot of forms. If I were to do this stage again, I would spend more time on the risk management forms since we ended up having a problem with our invention that I didn’t cover in the risk management sheet.

In conclusion, even though DI can be very stressful, it’s always fun. Overall when we ended up performing lots of things went wrong, for example, our invention didn’t work, and the door of the fridge fell off, but I still think it went pretty well. One really good thing was that this isn’t our last chance to do this show. We have one more tournament to try again (the other tournament ended up being cancelled because of COVID-19, although we are still presenting just to our class.)