Oregon field school

Oregon field school

When I first got to school around 7 I was pretty nervous but by the time I got in the car I was fine. Our first stop was Panera bread where a bought a Mountain Dew and a cinnamon bun the cinnamon bun was ok but it had lemon icing which I’m not that fond of. after that we drove for another hour and we got to the first place where we had to do something for we book(we had to make a book for Oregon) for the book we had to make a sketch and take some photos I will show all of the pages at the bottom of the post if you want to see the photos or sketches anyway back to Cabelas after that nothing much happened. 

The next day we went to fort Stevens which was really cool we got to go in an underground area then we did a quest which is where everybody is split up into teams and they follow clues till they find a stamp. Our team came second last so not that bad  but still after that we went zip lining which was really fun but not so important. After all of that we went out for dinner at Nisa’s Thai kitchen which is the place i did an ad for but i wont talk about that in this post because I’m talking about that in another post that should be out right now anyway then we went to bed. 

In the morning of are third day we had to pack because we were leaving our cabins to stay in yurts after packing we got on the bus and headed off for the Columbia river maritime museum where yet again we had tasks for we book. After we were done in there we went to the gift  shop yay where I got a COOL SHOT GLASS!!!! we also looked in a cool boat but like COOL SHOT GLASS!!! After all of our fun time at the museum we went to Tillamook cheese factory where sadly we weren’t allowed to buy food but at least there were samples which were delicious by the way. After that we ate dinner and like always it was bed time except this time we were in yurts. 

Now it was day four we had breakfast then we drove down to the marine science center where we learned about marine life after that we did a quest which was quite fun then we went on a whale watching boat ride we saw a ton of whales. After that it was wait for it….   dinner then bed.

The next day aka day five after breakfast we went back to the marine science center where we built rov in the same groups that we quest in. an rov in case you were wondering is a remote operated vehicle  that was really fun. after that we went to yaquina head where we took some phots and stuff like that we also had a page in are book for yaquina head and a quest where we had to hike up this long hill. After that long day we went to bed. 


In the morning of day 6 we packed up because yet again we were changing camp sites after breakfast we went to Depoe Bay where we did more book stuff also where I bought a super cool pair of socks. After that we went to a place called johns incredible pizza co which is kinda like Dave and busters which was super fun they had wifi so I  downloaded some apps and watched YouTube. they also had arcade games and some cool rides. After that we went to Fred mires where I bought a card game then we went to the new campsite me and the people in my cabin played that card game then went to sleep. 


On the final day I woke up got Packed and put my stuff on the bus. After that we drove down to the northwest trek which I write about in my book it was super fun there  we went on a tour and saw a ton of animals after that we drove for 2 hours and had dinner then we drove for another 3 hours then the trip was over.

Overall this was a super fun trip I learned a lot my favourite parts overall were probably johns incredible pizza co, highlife zip lining, and the marine science center because they were all super fun and I learned stuff at some of them.

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