Week 6 science 🧬

So for this weeks blogging challenge I decided to research galaxy’s when I came across an article about the most luminous galaxy (aka w2246-0526). The galaxy is an object shrouded in dust and shines with the light of 300 trillion suns. Other than being a super bright galaxy this galaxy also steals gas from other galaxy’s to help fuel its supermassive black hole. They also noticed that there was a major episode of stars forming with tens of thousands of new stars forming every year. i found that very interesting because you never really thing of something that is so beautiful being so destructive. I found an intriguing video that relates to this it is right here


(Now I know this video doesn’t entirely relate to what I was talking about but since it was on topic I decided to put it in any way.) I really thought this video was interesting because it talked about jellyfish galaxy’s which are very interesting I like how they actually kinda look like jellyfishes with they way they have tentacle like things any way I hope you like the video.

Now for the final part of my post I have made a two truths and a lie.


Comment your answer down below and I will tell you if you got it right or not you can try as many times as you want so don’t get sad if you mess up your  first try


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