My experience with everyday objects photographing


 The first 3 photo assignments and the one mini project thing were quite fun they really helped me explore new ways of photographing different types of things. We The photo walk was my favourite because we got to take photos of things that were related like for one photo walk I took photos of western things (you can see the photos at the bottom of the post)  like shops, statues, and displays showcasing famous people that had something to do with the west. My favourite part about the photo walk was probably all the metal horse sculptures I photographed what I found cool about that was just that some of them had people riding the horses.

for my second favourite was the project where we had to make a personified image which means we took a photo of an ordinary object and we drew on it to make it look alive and I thought that was really fun Because we got to mess around with drawing on random objects for example the one I did was I took a photo if a normal red and black water bottle then I drew legs and arms and a face on it then it was a robot.

My third favourite was the still objects activity because I loved experimenting with different lighting and angles. For my still object I used a remote controller. One thing I didn’t like about my still objects is that I took the photos at night so I didn’t get any photos with sunlight but that didn’t stop me from getting some good photos. The places I took the photos were by my fire place and in my living room.

My least favourite was the photo editing because although it was fun I just kinda find photo editing kinda boring but you know what lets just look at the positives. What I really liked about the photo editing was just getting to mess with contrast and how grainy it was I like editing because of just its like you just have full control over how the photo looks.

Overall I think this assignment was really interesting and it really helped me learn different ways of photographing objects. I think If I ever did this project again I would probably try getting a few more photos in the sunlight.                                                                                                                         

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