My experience with ad making

Hi guys for todays blog post I’m going to be reflecting on a project I did a while ago in class. What we had to do for the project was we were assigned groups and we had to go and interview a business that was located in deep cove then make and ad for them. Originally we had planned on interviewing a deep cove business called deep cove pizza but when we called the hung up which sucked. so then we had to find another business by the end of the day but luckily we succeeded. The business we ended up interviewing was deep cove music we interviewed them the next day then it was on to making the ad. 

but before I tell you about that I should tell you about how the project worked. How the project worked was as you know we were assigned groups of four each person in the group made there own ad even though we inter viewed the store together. Then we all did four drafts of are ad then as a group we decided on the best ad and presented that got it all ok now back to the story.  

For the first draft of my ad I took a star wars poster and changed some of the words and added different instruments instead of the weapons (all drafts are at the bottom of the post) and that was my first draft. For my second draft I didn’t change much I just fixed up some stuff like for earth Vader’s lightsaber the guitar I replaced it with went to far up so I changed that and I just made it look a little cooler. For my third draft  I changed  a couple things I gave chewbakka a guitar and same with C3po and I changed the font. The day after we handed in are draft three we all got put into different groups one was for all the people who handed there’s in late on was for people with good ads and one was for people with bad ads I was in the group with bad ads. The reason I was in the group with bad ads was because me being stupid and not thinking about that the star wars poster was copyrighted so I had to restart.

 as you now know I had to restart for my forth draft so what I did was I used a program called canvas and made a very basic ad I had a blue striped background and some instruments it was very basic and I wasn’t that happy with it but what could I do are final draft was due so I used that one. About a week or so after the forth draft we went on a field trip to a place called pound and grain which is an advertising agency. We went there so we could ask them questions about advertising and so they could give us some feed back on are ads. Overall I really liked this project even though I had to restart my ad I learned some really valuable skills and it was one of my favourite things I have done so far.

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