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Hi for this blog post I will be talking about how I made my worldview explain everything. (it’s basically about what my worldview is and how I got it) so in the start before we made are explain everything’s we had to do a worldview questionnaire where we answered questions about are views on different subjects. After we did that we had to make a mind map where we brainstormed different things like travelling, watching tv, using technology, etc and we had to come up with ways that they changed are worldview’s then we had to revise the things from the mind map into a script for are explain everything after we did that we had to make are explain everything’s. 

For my draft one I just made the start of my explain everything it was pretty bad but it was only my first draft. What my first draft really was was just the first like 50 seconds I would have done more but I screwed up and lost three hours of work. For the second draft I just continued to complete my explain everything with no changes to my script or my video for my draft. For draft three I finally finished off my explain everything if I’m being honest it wasn’t the best I kinda just wrote my script down like a slideshow and added some drawings. After the third draft we got an audio file that had some feedback on it my kinda said that it wasn’t the best and that for some reason there was super squeaky sound. 

Because of the feedback I got on my third draft I decided to just completely restart from scratch for my final draft so I went back over made a new script and got started on my final draft. Just a quick side note this was not supposed to be my final draft but I got a draft behind so it ended up being my final draft. Now back to the story so for this final draft I decided that I should have me talking instead of writing down my script just so it looked less like a slide show and more like a actual video. For this draft I decided to use a couple different techniques that I hadn’t used on my previous drafts which was moving the objects around while recording which just makes it flow a little better. For my last draft I had decided to make the video and then add in sound later because then I wouldn’t have to worry about screwing up the audio because I was doing it while making the rest of my explain everything. Once I had finally finished my explain everything I watched it over a couple times to make sure it was good and then submitted it to Showbie (thats the app we use to hand stuff in) and posted it on YouTube. (the reason I posted it on YouTube was so I could put it on my blog to show you guys) 

Overall I think this project was really fun and taught me lots about worldview and other peoples worldview’s can be different from my own if I were able to do this project again I would probably make sure that I got everything handed in on time instead of being behind and handing it in late.


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