Week 10 blogging challenge

Hi guys now I should just let you know that this is the final blogging challenge of this year but I just want to say I’m not going to stop blogging there will still be posts coming out on this blog now that we have that said lets get into the post. So for this blogging challenge we had to reflect on past blogging challenges which I really enjoyed because it was fun looking at all of my old blog posts and to see how I improved over the span of the blogging challenge. In total I have done fourteen blog posts to and nine of them were for the blogging challenge so I think we should start there.

The first blogging challenge blog post I made was called my avatar it was where I talked about the avatar I made for my blog it wasn’t the worst but I would have liked it to be longer it was only about 2 sentences. Some things I would improve if I were to do this post again is I would make it longer I would have at least a paragraph explaining exactly how I made it and a more in depth reason why I made it what I did my avatar.

For the second blogging challenge I wrote about my experience with quality commenting. This blog post suffered some of the same issues that the first one had for example it’s to short, not enough information, and I forgot to capitalize some words. If I were to do this blogging challenge again I would make the names of the people who’s blogs I commented into links to there blog I would also try to be more descriptive on why I thought my comments were quality comments.

For the third blogging challenge I made an emoji guessing game if I’m being honest it was quite bad the video I made was a terrible quality and I had no information on how I made it in my blog post. One thing that really annoys me about his blog post is that I didn’t have a sentence because I never used a period. If I were to do this again I would make the video a better quality and ad a couple move movies. Another thing I would do is ad more sentences and work on the grammar.

For the forth blogging challenge I made a what type are you quiz just like all of my blog posts before it was way to short it just said “so today I made a what are you quiz if you would like to answer just comment down below” and then had a slide show with some questions. Some problems with this post is that it is way to short and before I fixed them it had some spelling/grammar mistakes. If were to do this again I would probably make it longer.

For the fifth blogging challenge I couldn’t find this blogging challenge so I will do and you can expect that by next Tuesday

For the sixth blogging challenge I wrote a bog post about the most luminous galaxy that we know of. Now around this time all of my blog posts started to get longer and more in detain which I’m very happy about because that meant that I was improving. Some things that I think I could improve would be grammar, capitalization, and for some reason the survey I made wouldn’t work. How I could fix those is for the grammar and capitalization there is a really good app called Grammarly which helps with grammar, capitalization, and it helps to make sure your not plagiarizing secondly to fix the survey I would get it re imbedded and I would use a different device to make sure it works.

For the seventh blogging challenge we were allowed to do whatever we want so I decided to was Wright a post about drink mixes because why not. I think tha my week seven blog post was pretty good but if I was to do it again i would probably put in more drink mixes.

For my week eight blog post I reviewed a fun Christmas game. One problem with the game was that it was kinda violent and had some gore so if I ever did it again I would probably review a different game.

Now finally for my ninth blog post I did a post about coding it was very fun because I really like coding. The reason we did coding was because it was national coding week at the time of that blog post. Some things I would change if I were to do this again is I would probably try more than just one coding activity and I would show some photos as an example.

And this is my final blogging challenge I hope you liked it god bye and good day.

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