Over this term I think I have improved tremendously for example I’ve gotten better at writing I’ve expanded my worldview and I’ve become better at asking questions. Ok now lets start talking about how I have improved in specific subjects to start this off lets talk about humanity’s and I think the best way to start off humanity’s is to talk about in my opinion the biggest project of the term the winter exhibition or to be more accurate the religious world view post photo documentary and all that other fun stuff. (if you want to hear about the winter exhibition in detail please check out my other blog post here.) ok one thing that I think that has really changed over this term is my worldview (the reason I’m putting this one in humanity’s is because thats what we were working on for the first term) I think what changed my worldview so much was being able to see and here about tons of people different beliefs and how they viewed the world. One of my biggest struggles in humanity’s was and still is procrastination this is such a big struggle because I always think I have a ton of time then I just end up doing it the night before or even worse it gets late for example my winter exhibition blog post it was late because I kept thinking oh I have a ton of time and now its late so what I have learned from that is that I shouldn’t procrastinate and that even if I have a few days I should just it over with.


Some of the things that I learned in science this term is how tectonic plates cause earthquakes which I found very exiting. For example just before winter break we made a tectonics children’s book where we wrote a story for children that explained about tectonics in way that kids would understand. On of my biggest problems when it comes to science class is getting distracted I think I will combat that by turning off notifications for all apps not school related while at school . Some other things that I have learned during science class is what cells are and what they do.

For the third last class I will be talking about  is maker I’m really exited to talk about this one because this is my favourite class and we do and learn so much fun stuff for example right now we have been working on DI a very fun thing where students work on challenges that challenge there thinking and puzzle solving. Some other thing we have done is the basic iPad knowledges like photo taking and sketch note taking. I was really happy we worked on note taking because that’s something I have always had room to improve on.

 Now for the second last class math in math we worked on a ton of things that were very intriguing for example we worked on fractions which is a thing that I have always struggled with it didn’t really help that I get distracted in class. some of the things I learned about fractions and how to multiply and divide fractions but my favourite thing is what we are working on now aka geometry I like that because its a new chance for me to get better at focusing and because it just seems so awesome because I have always liked math.

 Now for the final thing I will be talking about PGP!! Some of the things the PGP has taught me is how to properly reflect on learning and how to structure reflections. 

Now finally just to recap we talked about my learning in many different subjects and how its improved and how it still needs to improve.

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