Correlation vs causation project

Hi for this blog post I’m going to talk about a project we did about a week ago for math which was titled correlation vs causation and as titled was about correlation and causation. Just before I start I think it is probably pretty necessary to know the difference between correlation and causation so here’s that in my own words correlation is two thing following a similar pattern for example as the amount times I trip gos up the temperature goes down but that doesn’t mean that me tripping cause the temperature lower it may just be because for other reasons I trip more around let’s say December. Causation is when one of those things is the direct reason for the other for example someone sitting on a couch 24/7 while eating Doritos and being fat.

Now that we have that cleared up I can start the first thing in this project that happened was getting our groups which for me was the person sitting beside me until they left to work with a friend which in the words of professor hulk from end game I see this as an absolute win the reason I saw that as an absolute win was because that meant I was able to work with one of my friends Angelo. After getting our groups we had to come up with survey ideas and because me and the friend I was with are pretty techie people so most of our questions focused around technology but there was the odd question about for example how long you sleep. After we had all of our questions we had to put it into a survey for that I used survey monkey then sent it out to mostly PLP students with the occasional non PLP student.

After getting our survey responses we took them and we had to look for correlation and causation me specifically I was assigned the role of finding causation and I did sort of what I found was a clear correlation between the amount of email addresses you have and the amount of times you have had to change your password but finding the causation was a little iffy what’s I found was the magority of people who 1-5 for the amount of emails had also picked 1-5 on amount of times having to change password because they forgot it. But overall that wasn’t enough evidence.

Other than that everything seemed to go pretty well and I think our presentation was a success. Overall if I were to do this project again I would probably spend more time looking for better causation and be more prepared for my presentation.

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