Video skills reflection

Hi, for this blog post I’m going to be talking about a vast amount of our assignments we have completed this term. Those assignments are all of our short films we have had to do this term.

So what short films have we made? We have had to make 10, although I have only completed 9. Those 10 videos were Four Shot Video, Ghost Town Silent Film, Drumheller Documentary, Alberta People Video, “Run” Remake, French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution, Revolution Of Choice, and Take Your Kid to Work Video.

My favourite of these, would have to be the Ghost Town Silent Film. The Ghost Town Silent Film is my favourite because I think it was a pretty good film for being our second film. Another reason the Ghost Town Silent Film is my favourite is because I had so much fun filming it. It was a very fun atmosphere because I had friends in my group and we had some funny moments (aka Fin slipping like 5 times). Another thing that made this my favourite was our use of tools, for example we were able to get lots a different shots because we had multiple high quality cameras. That allowed us to film from different angles and use whatever looked the best. I think by doing this it made it a more impactful for the audience.

My least favourite video would be the “Run” Remake. The reason it is my least favourite is because, in my opinion, it lacked creativity. The reason I say that is because for this video we had to make a carbon copy of the original. I probably would have liked making this video more if we were able to take the original video and try to improve it. For example, changing shots so they build more suspense, or changing the time of day to make it more scary. One last comment is even though I didn’t enjoy making this short video as much as the others I still think it taught me important lessons that I will never forget.

My biggest struggle during this project was definitely getting my best work done in a short amount of time. The reason I had to get a lot of my work done in a short amount of time is because I did I was editing for most of the videos. So since we had a short time to make them most of the time I would be editing on the final day. Because of that, my editing wasn’t the best it could have been which is disappointing because I know I could have done better. One way I tried to deal with this lack of time was I figured out a way to use different editing tool Which allowed me eliminate wasted time. The tool I ended up using was premier pro because it has more tools and it allowed me to shorten videos to as low as a millisecond which helps a lot when making a quick sequence.

In conclusion, even though I had struggles, making these videos was still a very fun process and I hope we continue to make videos in the upcoming term.

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