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I’m going to be talking about our recent project where we had to research and then make a video explaining ionic and covalent bonds as well as show how electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature.

For this project, we had to meet some guidelines called curricular competencies. The first of those was communicating and it was described as “Formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon”  I followed this competency because I demonstrated during my video and my Bohr model drawings that I could explain through speech and drawings phenomenon like covalent bonding.

The next competency we had to follow was processing and analyzing and it was described as “Construct, analyze and interpret models and/or diagrams.” I meet this competency pretty well although I still have space to improve. The reason I meet this is that one of the things that I think I did pretty well in this project was the Bohr models. Why are the Bohr models so important? Bohr models are so important because they were a huge part of what we had to do for this project. They were such a huge part of our project because everything we had to animate started with a Bohr model.

The Final competency we had to follow was Questioning and predicting and it was described as “Demonstrate a sustainable intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.”  I demonstrated this competency because all throughout the project I demonstrated interest and curiosity about compounds and chemistry overall. I even did outside of school research into certain things I had heard in class that I wanted to learn more about. For example, I did more research into elements.

In conclusion, I demonstrated all of the competency and had a very fun time doing this project.

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