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In this blog post, I’m going to be doing something pretty different. That is because this blog post is a reflection on how I have improved and how I still need to improve.

Before I start talking about how I have improved and still need to improve I am going to do a quick recap of what has happened so far. This year we have done around 8 projects so far Including one field study.

Now for the good part of the blog how I needed to improve and how I have improved. I think I have improved the most in the past term than in any term before. That is because in the past term I was given a good insight into how I needed to improve. That insight was my parent-teacher interview where we discussed how I needed to improve. Because of that, I was able to improve on issues such as focusing, being a distraction, the quality of my blog posts, ext. I think one of the best examples of improvement was my blog posts because all you have to do to see the improvements is compare two posts one new post and one old post(here’s a good example old post new post). Another big way I have improved is by focusing in class. One of the strategies I have been using to do that was putting my phone on do not disturb and putting my phone in my backpack during class I also took all of the games off of my iPad. The final big way I have improved is being a distraction this is a really good thing because I used to not only get distracted I would go to other people and would distract them too which is probably one of the worst things you can do in class (excluding illegal things). The thing that helped me in getting better at this was the help from my teachers who when I was being a distraction they would call me out on it and I think that helped me. Overall I think I have improved a lot in when it comes to focusing and my blog post quality but I still have a lot to improve on and that’s what I’m going to be talking about in the part of this blog.

So what are the big ways I need to improve? One of the things I still need to improve is my blog posts because even though I have improved when it comes to grammar and looking over my blogs I still struggle with talking about how I demonstrated the competencies. This is important because the competencies are one of the biggest reasons we do blogs. The main reason I have been struggling with this is that I have trouble figuring out how to include the competency’s in my blog. One way I can help fix this is by asking my teacher how they think I can incorporate the competency’s into my blog posts. Another thing I can do is examine some of my peer’s blog posts to see how they incorporate competency’s into their posts. Overall I don’t think it will be too hard to show how I met the competency’s it will just take some work. The next thing that I need to improve on is revision more specifically revision on blog posts I think this is important because not only is it one of the curricular competency’s that I have an emerging but it’s a way you can improve a bad mark to a good mark and it’s not even that difficult because they give us all of the information we need to revise. My plan for working on this is to spare some time on Saturdays when I’m at the library to work on revising blog posts. The final thing that I am going to talk about is time management which is probably one of the biggest issues I need to work on it is also one of the most important issues I need to work on because not having good time management can lead to late assignments and just all around not good stuff. How I can improve my time management is by setting goals for how long I want to take on each assignment and go onto my calendar and block out when I’m going to be working on what. Overall there is a lot that I need to work on but I think if I work hard it is possible.

In conclusion in the last term, I have improved a lot but I still have a lot I can improve on including some big and some small things. Now for this blog post, we were supposed to end with a question so here’s mine how can I optimize the amount of time it takes me to finish assignments so they are to the best of my ability and I have personal time left over?

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