Greatest Canadian

Hi, how’s it going for this month’s blog post I’m going to be talking about our latest project The Greatest Canadian. Now just a quick recap of what we did in this project.

First off the goal of this project was to answer the driving question which was who is the greatest Canadian using a podcast we made.

The first milestone we had to do for this project was a need to know list which we have to do for all projects. The next milestone we had to do was a story mountain for the person we picked as our greatest Canadian. The third milestone we did was research and notes where we had to as per the title research the person we chose finding their biggest accomplishments and contributions to Canada. For the fourth milestone, we had to create a script for our podcast first making a rough draft then our final draft. The second last milestone we had to do was record and edit our podcast. The final milestone was the final podcast draft and interviewee presentation. What we had to do for that was revise our podcast and construct an email for our interviewee.

Overall I felt that I made a good first podcast and I’m proud of it, that being said I feel there were many things I could have improved on. The biggest of those things is my audio because I screwed up my mic audio leading to me needing to do lots of revisions including re-recording all of my lines. One of the other revisions I had to do was fix my music since most of the music I used wasn’t original and the other music I used wasn’t that good so I had to fix that.

What I would do differently is I would double or even triple check my audio so I don’t have to go through the experience of having to re-record the majority of my podcast. Another thing I would like to do differently is more preparation for my interview. I say that because I felt during my interview there was a structure but I don’t feel like it was strong enough which led to some issues with transitions. Finally, I want to spend more time on my music preferably making different music for the intro middle and Outro. Along with making new music I want to decide on a tone for the music that will fit with my podcast.

Finally, I think overall this was a very interesting project and I really enjoyed making a podcast for the first time although as I just talked about there are many things I could have improved. If you want to listen to my podcast here’s the link also feel free to comment with any feedback you have

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