Canada during WW2

Hi, welcome to my 7th weekly recap. In this recap, I’m going to be trying something new and focusing on one aspect of something we learned this week. What I’m going to be focusing on is the short documentary we had to read and take notes on. The documentary focused on Canada’s involvement in WW2 which I thought was really interesting because you don’t hear about Canada’s involvement in WW2 that often. The documentary also talked about the increase of women in the workforce. What I think was the most interesting thing I learned in this documentary was probably that Canada supplied the planes that helped wing the war. I thought that was really interesting because not only had I not heard of the hurricane plane I had no clue that Canada even was big on making planes. Finally, I think documentaries like these are important because oftentimes people learn about WW2 through film and tv and lots of the time those shows and movies don’t show Canada and other countries helping. In conclusion, I enjoyed watching this documentary and would recommend if you have 40 minutes to spare you watch it too

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