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Hi, for this weekly check-in I’m going to be discussing how scripts can change from draft to production. The reason this week I’m going to be focusing on scripts is because that’s exactly what I’ve been working on in the past week let me explain. So for our Romeo and Juliet project, we have to put on a radio play version of Romeo and Juliet. Scripts fit into that because for the play we have to write our own script for the play.

Now for the main part of this blog post. to talk about draft vs production I’m going to use the movie Big Time Adolescence. The reason I’m using Big Time Adolescence as an example is because it’s a movie that I’ve seen and read an earlier draft of the script for. (if you are interested in reading the script you can find it here)

(Possibly mild spoilers)

The biggest difference between the movie and script draft was definitely the ending. Other than that it was mostly minor things so for this post I’m going to focus on the ending.

So how is the ending different? well, to explain that you need to know a few things. First of all the ending involves punishment for a crime. second of all the ending involves the effects the punishment has on a friendship. Now that I have that explained let’s start with the ending from the script. In the script, the punishment was very lax for the crime that had been committed which in my opinion led to the crime being sort of glorified. Along with the crime not much happened with the friendship. now for the movie, there was a much harsher punishment which I think definitely helped it not glorifying the crime. along with the harsher punishment the friendship was also much more affected in the movie.

The reason I think this is an interesting example is just to show how much your idea can be changed from draft to the final product.

In conclusion, I find it interesting how certain details of a movie can be changed from script to final product. Be that from producer interference or rating reasons.


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