Continuity and change in Disneyland

How have Disneyland rides changed since the opening of the park? well, that’s a tough question to answer since there were 13 opening day attractions. Because of that in this post, I’m just going to be focusing on one Toads Wild Ride.

Unless you are well versed in Disneyland rides you may be wondering what is Toads Wild ride? According to my research, it’s a creepy ride based on the movie The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.
So how has it changed over the years? Unlike many other classic Disneyland rides, they didn’t change it due to racism. Most changes were just to modernize the ride like changing the exterior from a tent style to look like a castle. Along with the exterior changes, they also updated the interior to be more modern. Other than that there weren’t any other big changes. Although they did change the exterior and interior the fundamentally the ride is the same with the same story and vibe.

In conclusion, Disneyland rides are a good example of continuity and change since they tend to evolve with the times but will also show what people have and most likely will always enjoy.

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