I think I would make a great prime minister

How should we govern ourselves? Good question right, I mean it’s a question every voter should be answering so I guess it’s good that it’s the driving question for our latest project.

To answer the driving question we had to do some things first. The biggest of those things was to understand how our government is currently governed. We achieved this goal through a form of note-taking called zettlekastens and lectures.

With this knowledge, we were able to better dissect the current workings of the government and examine how we might be able to change them for the better. With our newfound beliefs about the Canadian government, we were put into groups and given the task of making a statement of intent.

To make our statement of intent we first discussed each of our ideas for the structure looking to see if there were any overlapping ideas or ideas that the majority of us disagreed on. After completing that we were left with a pretty good list of changes to the Canadian government. We were able to make this beautiful statement of intent With that list.

Now that we had all of our ideas and statement of intent we started our final task of creating a party ad. To finish the video on time we had to split up each part of the production. My role was to write the script and assist in editing.

For the script, I decided to stay away from an info dump and instead try to draw attention to the party along with showing on a surface level what we stand for. I did this by talking about all the things that our party thought were wrong about Canada then showing our solutions.

With the script completed Gabe then completed the storyboard and it was time to film. We decided to be as professional as possible when it came to our setup for filming and I’m happy we did that because our footage ended up looking very good.

Finally, all that was left was editing which was almost entirely up to Anders with me only helping slightly with on-screen text.

overall I think our video turned out pretty great although if I were to do it again I would make the effort to try and take some of my footage for drone shots. Still, I think that can be very hit or miss since stock videos will always have better quality. I also think that we could have included more details about our plan.

In conclusion in this project, we never wrote down a concrete sentence that answered the driving question instead we showed our answer through our fictional party. Although if I had to write a sentence that answered the driving question of how should we govern ourselves it would have to be “We should govern ourselves in a way that is similar to Canada’s current government but with a bigger focus on phasing out oil and reinvesting in our environmental future”


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