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An Asian invasion!

Week 6! Emoji’s!

Hi guys, today we are talking about emojis! I made a few math games so feel free to try them out! Write the answer in the comments if you figure it out! easy: 🌴 + 🙉 = 6 🙉 +… Continue Reading →

Feeling festive?

It is currently November! And you know what that means? Christmas is coming! Hi guys, today I will be talking about the holidays. Now, my family isn’t actually that big in celebrations but we still have a lot of fun…. Continue Reading →

Job shadowing!

Do you want to know how I did that? Hi guys! Today I will be talking about a really exiting event; Take Your Kid To Work Day!!! (Or Job Shadowing for short). This was basically where instead of going to… Continue Reading →

Revolutions! Cause why not?

Welcome back! Today I will be talking about a 6 week long project that I have been working on. In school, we were studying revolutions and in groups, we made 4 videos of our choice. We were doing this project… Continue Reading →


Week 4 is all about freedom. The freedom of choice. So what do I do with that freedom? Write about buttons of course! Let’s not question it. So let’s get into it! What Are Buttons? I’m sure that you are… Continue Reading →

Music!! Week 5

Hi guys! I am so excited for this week because it focuses on music. I may not have mentioned it but I love music. If you read my about page (link) you will find that I love singing too. On… Continue Reading →

Causing Correlation!

Today is officially the first blog post that I will write for math! Even though I say “math” I think that this is actually a pretty interesting topic that we looked at. We were learning about something called correlations. This… Continue Reading →

3,2,1, RUN!

Hi guys! Today we will be talking about a really cool and some what tiresome project that I did for school. You can see the final product above. Our goal was, with our group, to recreate a short horror film… Continue Reading →


Hi guys! Today I will be telling you all about my Alberta trip that I went on! This was the trip that I went on where I was making my video. You can learn more about that in my earlier… Continue Reading →

Images and week 3

Hi guys! Welcome back. This is week 3 of the blogging challenge, and this weeks topic is very interesting! This week is all about how to use photos properly. So I decided to create this poster that you all can… Continue Reading →

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