Week 7 was our choice so I decided to talk about my number 1 favourite animal: The Panda! I love pandas because they are really cute and they are black and white, which are my favourite colours (or shades if you want to be specific). Today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about the pandas in general however, I am going to focus on the giant panda. I will talk briefly about the red panda, to all of you out there who have chosen their favourite panda. Follow along to see if you learn something new and interesting!

What are pandas?

The first thing I want to talk about are what pandas actually are. This way we all start on the same page. Pandas are easily recognized by their black and white fur. They are essentially bears that are native to south central China. It’s diet consists over 99% of bamboo, even though its grouped as a carnivore. In the wild, giant Pandas will sometimes eat grasses and meats such as rodents. Their are few mountain ranges in central china and some neighbouring places that Giant Pandas will live in. Many are in zoos, since, pandas have been considered a vulnerable species.

Why do I like Pandas so much?

I love pandas because, they are amazingly cute and because of their colour. I have always liked white, because it can go with almost any other colour to make something pretty and its like a blank canvas. The black on a panda to me looks like its trying to colour the panda in but failed. I think that because of its colour, pandas have been used to sometimes symbolize zen, and ying and yang. The main reason that I like pandas though is because my mother gave me a panda stuffy as a Christmas present when I was 7. I still have it and although its a little worn out its in pretty good shape. I think that it was a great present and is still one of my favourites.

Red Pandas?

What’s the difference between a red Panda and a giant panda? Well, looking at them you can easily spot the difference. Red pandas are much, much, much smaller in size and look more like a ferret. They are also “red” although to me they look pretty orange. Red pandas, like giant pandas eat mainly bamboo, but it also eats eggs, birds, and insects. Red pandas were previously identified as a raccoon or bear (I personally agree a lot more with the Red Pandas, being raccoons.) Red Pandas are native to southwestern China and the eastern Himalayas. It is an endangered animal with a population of less than 10,000 adult animals. This is due to poaching, inbreeding depression and habitat loss.


Did you learn something new? Comment down below.