Hi guys, welcome back to the Asian invasion. We are back with yet another project today, all about persuasion. The main focus of this project was to choose a topic that we are passionate about and write about it in order to convince your audience of your perspective. In order to do this we were driven by the question; 

How can I use my voice to effect change?

So what exactly did I write about? Well I decided that I wanted to focus on taking breaks in schools and keeping a healthy body to enhance learning. I felt closely with this topic because I have noticed that since Covid it has become harder for both teachers and students. People spiral towards burnout or unhealthy habits a lot quicker. An effective solution for this would be to take longer breaks or to have multiple throughout the day. In order to learn more about the topic I needed to consult with some experts in the field. I ended up interviewing both my grandfather, a principal and teacher, as well as the vice principal at my school. These interviews were used in order to understand what would be persuading to people and what information was relevant. What was surprising to learn was that the teachers are the ones who decide how long our breaks are. In order to have longer breaks it would take away from the teachers lunch break. This would take away time from important meetings or clubs at lunch. From this I turned this information into my draft where I focussed(change word) on the pros of taking breaks and how to avoid burnout. I wanted to convince the audience that both teachers and students will benefit from breaks. 

My audience ended up being my vice principal. I found that it was easier to convince her because we had similar thinking in terms of the benefits of breaks as well as how stressful the pandemic has been. 

What we did to elevate our writing more was learn about the 6+1 traits(link to craft). These are basically guidelines and rules that as writers we can follow in order to effectively convince the reader.

This project wasn’t learning new skills but I did a lot of skill building. From my last post(link) you would know that I have been focussing a lot on my writing this year. Being able to construct persuasive writing in an organized manner allows me to convey my thoughts to the reader. What I honed in on this time was cutting out unnecessary words and putting the 6+1 traits. 

If you found my writing interesting or want to learn more about writing persuasively check out Graces(link) blog to see who she was convincing and whether or not she was successful.