Demonstrating my Growth Mindset

A piece of work that demonstrates my growth mindset has been the Destination Imagination challenges. In case you do not know what a growth mindset is, it is the mindset that one can learn from failures and mistakes.


Without a growth mindset, I am positive we would not have won both the challenges. Through the process of putting together the storyline, plot twists, and team choice elements we faced many challenges. The largest challenge we faced was creating the hipster. There were multiple ways to approach this challenge, and we had many  concept ideas. Our final product was a huge success, and without going through failures it would not have been the same. imageimage


In the weeks leading up to the competition, our group practiced multiple instant challenges. Each and every single one of our practice instant challenges had some sort of mistake. Wether it was not reading the directions properly or messing up with the construction, there was always something wrong. Instead of giving up our group practiced more and more, sometimes even after school hours. Thankfully all of this practice paid off since we won the instant challenge at the regional competition.