Power Play and How it Started How can you learn from something that happened one thousand years ago? This was the question I set out to answer at the start of this project and it turns out that there is a lot to be learned from the medieval era… The Content For this project, there… Continue Reading GIVE ME THE POWER!!!!

The Adventures of Me and My Telescope

Hi! This is my first ever post about my telescope. I occasionally anthropomorphize my telescope, and so I might refer to her as Panthera once in a while. My telescope is a Stargazer, model Startravel 120. My telescope One of the reasons I opted for this particular telescope is that it is very versatile, and… Continue Reading The Adventures of Me and My Telescope

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Hello! This is a post about Eleanor of Aquitaine. I did this with my friend, Chloe. You can check out her blog, here. I hope you enjoy! What was her historical significance? Eleanor of Aquitaine is historically significant for many reasons. First of all, she was one of the most powerful woman of the Middle… Continue Reading Eleanor of Aquitaine

Its the End of the World

The End of the World You slowly come to, under the dull glow of the street lights, as they flicker in the darkness. For a couple of blissful seconds, you lie still, thinking you are in bed. Then, a wave painful memories washes over, taking you out of your peaceful euphoria. The assignment For this… Continue Reading Its the End of the World

The Great Law

The Haudenosaunee and The Great Law of Peace Hello! This is a short post about the Great Law of Peace, and how that, even today, it still impacts the Haudenosaunee people. If you are not familiar with the Haudenosaunee, here are a few resources to look at. As as shown in the… Continue Reading The Great Law