Do you know what DI is? Well if you don’t it’s basically a tournament where all the schools (well most schools) compete in. You basically find a group and choose a challenge and each challenge has a topic like scientific or technical. Our group had a challenge called the pace of change. which was the technical challenge where you had to make something that could carry one member from your group while acting in a play, and your timeline is 8 minutes.

So we started off with getting a craddle for free off of craigslist which would be our base, next we needed to figure out our 2 propulsion systems (motors, drills, basically the source of energy) we started off with a simple motor but the problem was that they were to expensive since our budget was only 260 dollars so we had the genius idea to just by a 20 dollar lawn mower and pry the motor out! Next we needed to attach two gears, one on the motor and the  other on the wheel, so once we were done the motor was spinning which was attached to the gear which had a chain on it which moved the gear on the wheel wich moves the wheel. It’s a lot to take in so here’s a diagram:


So now moving on to the next propulsion system, we decided to do a drill idea were you basically take a circular drill bit and tie cable to it, next you put the drill in the go kart and thread the cable through the hole until you can wrap it around a wooden chair or wooden stand and bring it back to the go kart and tie it to the screw that we added at the front. So in the end the drill acts kinda like a crane!

Heres another diagram:


Now the skit! Our group decided to make it about a boy who grows up and goes through all the challenges of life. So for our props all we needed was to go on a dollarama shopping spree and get some fake bibs, lunchbox’s, diplomas and more!

I will upload the final presentation at regionals in a couple of days.


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