Since my last DI post we have competed in provincials at Collingwood secondary in West Vancouver. Since spring break we had one week to basically fix and improve anything that need it. For my group (Emily, Alivia, Tamara, and Maggie ) we had a few things we saw that needed some work. We used Burn charts to track and show our progress of what needed to be completed. 

Our 3 main things were the symptomatic, props and the story. We really needed to fix some technical issues with the symptomatic and make it easier for us to use. We figured out that It was much easier if one of us just left it out on the stage and flipped it when necessary. AMD for the chemistry I was the one who would do that so it wasn’t confusing to Maggie who was also acting in the performance at that point. For the story we had some issues with audience participation and had to fix it so we didn’t get points taken away. For the props we had to make the symptomatic table look more realistic and that it fit into the set, so we made it look like a bush. Coving it in green leaves and paint.

Before we went to provincials we made sure to do a full run through with all of our props and no scripts so we would be prepared and ready for the big day.

Once the time came to preform and the day of provincials was upon us it was time to transport our set which was a bit tricky. We had a few things to take apart and put back together when we arrived at Collingwood that morning. Once we arrived we went up to our area and set up what we need to get set up and then headed of to our instant challenge. TO be honest even though we discussed out team roles and all of that we all walked out of there feeling terrible about how we did, but I kept reminded everyone that we did our best and we have to learn from the mistakes we made and move forward. From there we waited until it was out time to preform! And when we did it there were a few things forgotten but we it was our best performance yet !

Missing Emily !

For me this is the only DI I have ever done and most likely the only one I will ever do and im glad to say I had a good experience doing it. I felt like I gained a lot of teamworking skills and learned a lot about myslef and how I learn,which is more visually. I’m really happy with how everything went and our end results. Turns out we did do better overall ! 

We did calculate our percentage increases and decrease from Regionals and Provincials and there we lots of increases and some decreases as well. Our symptomatic went up a lot which I am really proud of and feel super good about.