The last unit In scimatics has been about cell phone plans and linear  equations. We had to find the cheapest plan out of 3 we chose. To Do this we had to sole it Algebraically and then graph it to see here the intercept between the plans to see which one is the cheapest. 

For connecting and reflecting we did really well connect our own personal interests by making a rap and music video around the mathematical concepts and relationships. We were able to create a rap and music video that had the math in it. I now feel that I could do that for other projects too!

We also explained and justified our mathematical ideas and decisions in many ways and I learned a few new ones while doing this project. We did graphs equations charts and the rap video I mentioned earlier. I Really understood the graphs more and learned how to use them to explain and justify my mathematical ideas this project.

we also explored analyzed it using our technology(iPads) we were able to use Desmos to graph it correctly and the internet for our research on phone plans.And learning more on using technology to analzye and  createmyideas.