Let’s recap my last unit in Humanities,

Our project teaser we watched a video about the “Canadian experience” which then lead to us talking about minority and what we considered minority’s. Then we were introduced to the project, the peoples podcast. 

Before we started the big project we did a venture to Vancouvers Chinatown and did a guided tour of it and learned about the history. We were tasked to make a short podcast using the sounds of Chinatown and . I learned a lot about how to use Garage band with that project! I just got a much better overall understanding of the app and how I can use it to make podcasts.

Each group was focused around a minority within Canada our driving question being “how has the Canadian Experience been different for Minorities ” My group was Myself, Luca, and Lucas. We decided to focus our podcast around mental health specifically in youth. 

I learned A lot doing this podcast in my skills and ways of creating my work and experience in group projects. Skill wise I think a big part for me during this was the interview I did with Maia. That was the first time I’ve lead and conducted an interview. I was able to ask all the questions and get the answers and audio we needed. Then I did the editing of it and that took some time ! I went through our 30 minute recording and selected around 5 minutes of audio that worked into the podcast.

In the podcast we got to interview a Maia, a 15 year old affected by mental illness. In the interview we asked her a ton of questions about her mental illness and the support and education about mental health that she has received. When I heard her answers with the education questions it really made me upset because she talked about how the education she had received through school had not been good. She even went as far as to say some of it had been incorrect and misleading. Her point here was that the education provided to us just isn’t good enough especially the age it’s taught at. Thus is something that even after the process of making this podcast I’m still thinking about, because this needs to be changed.         

For the last part of this post I want to talk a little bit about the paper we wrote on how our positions effect the way we interpret literature. We had just finished reading The Jade Peony written by: Wayson Choy. I decided to write my paper on how my gender age and sexuality affect the way I take in Literature and have an overall theme of maturity.        

Here’s a part of my paper Just the first page !

 When I was looking into researching and figuring out my positions that really affected me, and the way I interpret literature I really had to think in a way of comparing myself to others, and finding out how why and what I interpreted differently. I wont go into detail because its a bit personal to me but some of the stuff I found out about myself is I tend to enjoy and pick literature I can relate back to.

This past unit was pretty fun for me to bo completely honest I feel like I learned a lot around the Chinese Canadians, mental health and podcasts editing. It was super cool to be able to write a paper about me and my positions I am really proud of the work I did on it and how it turned out.