Who Am I ? That’s a tough question to answer for me because there’s just so much to talk about. Let’s rewind a bit first, the past few weeks we have started to do CLE 10 and our class was assigned to do some surveys to find out, who am I? There were 5 surveys to take personalty, learning styles, motivations, knowledge, and interests. My results were not to surprising personally all the answers were along the lines of what I predicted.


The only one that really stuck out was the learning styles. It says that I’m pretty close to even but I’ve always felt that I’m way less a kinaesthetic learner than auditory and visual. My interest type is spot on and I couldn’t agree with it more, I’ve always been super interested and loved to help and tech people ect. 

Now you’re probably asking what are you going to do with these results, well in my blueprint the have a section where you can see what careers and programs after high school you match up with. I chose a favourite from each of the 3 category’s, workplace, university and collage, and apprenticeship and then compare them 

So looking at them together a big part I need to pay attention too is the outlook, and photography’s outlook is unpredictable which isn’t too good. Even tho its what I’m most interested in I want to be able to have a job and be able to sustain myself independently. And these aren’t my only options of course its just a glimpse of what I can shoes to go into and what my blueprint recommend to me.

In my blueprint you are also able to plan out all the courses you take in your high school career and it tracks your credits. I planed mine out and it will probably change in the next 2 years but its a good way of seeing what classes I need to take and where I need the credits