Worksafe is a course we are required to take this year, its all about workplace safety and the laws around it. As youth we are the most likely to get injured in the workplace because we have the least amount of training and are less likely to speak up. 

Part One of the course we wanted the video Lost Youth which tell the stories of 4 teens who were injured in work accidents. The big issue they all had in common was inadequate training or improper training. This video is outlining that teens need to make sure they get the proper and correct training and that they know right from wrong in the workplace. In the second video I watched it was sea-span and how they train the new and younger workers. The new workers all seem to have a good time and want to learn from the more experienced people.

Part Two Was learning about the actual laws and regulations. The first activity was about searching the website and fining out the answers and regulation numbers to questions

Then we learned about our right and how to refuse unsafe work

Lastly we looked into the workplace hazards.

Biological, noise, musculoskeletal, environment, mineral, and chemical. We each did small presentations on them as well to present to our classmates.

Looking in on all that information I just learned it’s defiantly something I will apply now and in he future in wherever I work. I want to be safe and keep my workplace safe. The best thing I took out of this is the right to refuse work. Before I had done this I hadn’t known it was something I am aloud to do.

Safety First!