At the beginning of this year I really had no clue what I had gotten myself into joining PLP. I had the slighted clue how to use an iPad but really I wasn’t talented or skilled in it. Then I started to pick up things like video editing, animations, Garage band. Looking at my work now I see a really big improvement and understanding.


Something this term and more recently is my peoples podcast I did with Luca and Lucas, and the positionally paper. I’ve had my struggles with audio and english but in both of those assignments I felt like I really improved on them and I came out with a good end product. Heres the big thing for me, I felt really proud of the work I did and was confident in sharing it which had been a goal of mine for this past year.

With both of these I also really enjoyed the research involved for out podcast it was really cool to go into depth about mental health in teens and see all the support that’s actually available for us. With the paper reading The Jade Peony was really interesting and a really insightful book to the past of Vancouvers Chinatown.


In maker we did Career life education and one thing we did was a task using my blueprint and the surveys. With these surveys  we had to discuss “who am I?” in a keynote. Now, the reason I’m bring this project up is for 2 reasons: the surveys themselves, and the keynote. 

Looking at the surveys they were actually helpful, and the answers I got from them match up with my own thoughts of myself. The big one I saw connections to was about my future career and compatibility. A lot of the information in the answer was saying how I would work well as a teacher or youth worker ect and to be honest that’s what I’ve always been told. I would say that’s something to really keep in mind for the future especially for me starting to consider what I want to do.

Keynote was something I honestly had no clue how to use until maybe march and still my skills on it were very minimal. This project were had a whole list of things to include and let me tell you I had to learn all of it myself and I did. 

Science & Math

In Science and math my best project and final outcome would have to go Capturing energy where Jessie and I made our own waterwheel to capture energy in nature. I felt so proud of this because I spent a lot of time on it putting it together.

I Also got a much better understanding of energy which I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my mind around. It felt super cool to be able to make our own generator that actually worked and created energy in nature.

One thing I really struggled with especially the last 2 terms was dividing group work and making sure everyone does their part. There were a lot of times where I found myself doing most of the work myself, because no one else would. Next year that’s something I really want work on and be able to get people to do their share.

So in the end lets answer this question “why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next year.” In simple I’m ready because I’ve improved and gained knowledge. I have improved and in a sense learned how to improve. Gaining knowledge in not only the subjects, but the skills and concepts. 

Ive made it halfway through high school and I’m ready to take on the second half.