Ultimate Design Challenge

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be about my most recent scimatics project. This project we did was called the ultimate design challenge. In this project we had to design a 3d model of something of our choice using a cad software. For this project I used the software Shapr3D. This software I am familiar with because I used it to make my winter exhibition project. I used Shapr3D instead of tinker cad because I could use more chapels and its way better to assemble a project in. In this project I worked in a group of 3. Each of my group mates made a different object related to hockey. I made a ice rink, cam made a goalie stick and julien made a goalie pad. Each 3d model had to modified so it either had maximum volume  or maximum surface area. My ice rink was made for maximum volume so when people skate on it its so thick that the zamboni only needs to clean the ice twice a day.

applying and innovating I used this competency in class every single day. Every class time we had something that we were working on. I had to figure out how to use my class time efficiently so I could complete my project. There were some days where I got distracted by my friends. Although I think most classes I think I was pretty good with being efficient in my class time.

reasoning and analyzing in this project I also used the competency a lot. I used it to learn the different formulas for finding surface area or volume. I had to analyze the equations when I had to find the volume and the surface area of my 3d model. I think throughout this project Ive used this lots of times.

communicating and representing I used this competency in my last keynote for my project. I had to communicate how I figured out the surface area and volume of my object. In my keynote I showed my formulas and told the class how I found out how to calculate the surface area and volume for each shape in my model. Then I showed the class my final results and my ration of surface and volume.

overall I think this was a very fun project. I think I worked well with my group mates to complete each of our models. During the project we helped each other out with our models to make sure all of them were really good and would 3d print. Unfortunately my model didn’t get 3d printed because Mr. Hughes went away before he got the chance to print out my model
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