Running a Remake!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Its been awhile since I last made a blog. Now you will see a lot more posts from me over the next 10 weeks. Anyway this blog is about my most recent project ‘running a remake’. In this project we had to recreate a short film called Run! This project was all about film and our driving question for this project was ‘How might we learn video skills by recreating a short film?’

Over the course of this project we analyzed every tiny detail in the film Run! To make sure when we remake it we have all the angles, costumes and even setting as close as possible to the real film. This was a group project where I worked with 4 other people to create this remake. I worked with Annie, Jakub, Randy and Jordan. We started off this project with a really short introduction video that I filmed individually explaining who I am and my hobby. Then we were asked to expand on that and film a setting and give it a story line. This was just a introduction to what we had coming later in the project.

The next big thing we did on this project was get into our groups and make a story board,  reviewed all the angles in detail, assign acting roles and make the costumes. This crucial step in the project got us a prepared for the much more intensive filming part. In this step of the project I started to realize just how hard it is just to make a short 1 minute film. We had to make a in-depth plan on how we are going to film the movie, and get it approved by our teacher. We had to make 2 revisions before finally getting approved. At this point I had already learned a lot of video skills, by doing this recreation of Run! I learned about the different angles and how to explain each angle of film in depth and many more.

The next step was to go out and film. Turns out this was a lot harder than it seems. It took us over a hour to film. Editing also took a long time and the turnout was not great. Our costumes weren’t perfect a lot of our angles were wrong and overall the film looked terrible. We got our feedback from the class and went out again the next day. We payed more attention to little details, updated our costumes and had more expression when acting. In this stage we really learned a lot more about video skills than ever before. we had smoother movements in the, camera we had better acting and better editing. This time when our filming and editing was done it actually turned out pretty good. Our timing matched up with the real film our shots looked the same and overall it was just better than our first try. 

With all this learning I have accomplished I can now say I have a answer to this projects driving question. Here is the answer. When you are recreating a film you are learning about angles, setting, plot, timing and costumes these are all different kinds of video skills I have learned. Make sure to check out my other blogs here. Also check out my group members that helped me create this project Annie, Jordan, Jakub and Randy. 

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