Rise of the Frankenstuffies!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is about my most recent PLP project, Rise of the Frankenstuffies. The driving question for this project is really similar to last projects driving question. This projects driving question was How do Revolutions Transform the world. Through lots of different milestones in this project I got the answer to the driving question. My answer is Revolutions transform the world by spreading ideas the change country’s or areas social, economic and political structure. Throughout the rest of this post you will read about my journey on finding the answer to this driving question. Along with that you will get the pleasure of seeing my Frankenstuffie film/story.

milestone 1

In this milestone I created my Frankenstuffie out of spare stuffy body parts. I made mine out of a bear, cow, rabbit, angry bird and fox. I named him after the yellow angry bird, I named him Chuck because his head is he angry bird named Chuck. I had to document the progress and the making of Chuck. I have three photos of the making of Chuck, beginning, middle and end.

  • Beginning
  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End result
  • End result

milestone 2

This milestone was one the biggest milestones this project. I had to write a short story depicting Chuck and his journey. This story had to take place in the era of the industrial revolution. My story was in the genre science Fiction. In my story Chuck is a lumberjack who  owns a lumber company, he creates the chainsaw and wins the championship with his arch nemesis trying to steal his invention all the way to the championship. This milestone really helped me answer the driving question because we had to learn about the industrial revolution and how we could incorporate it and the transformation it caused the society in my story.

milestone 5

This is the last milestone of this project. In this milestone I had to make a video turning my short story about Chuck into a film. This milestone took me the longest to make because editing a film takes a really long time. I had to pick the parts of my story I needed to include and parts I needed to take out to make it shorter. This milestone was probably the most stressful because it was the final product of this project and new did not have a lot of time to get it done. 

Overall I thought this project was okay but I did learn a lot about the industrial revolution  and filmmaking during this project. Sewing my Frankenstuffie was definitely a highlight of this project. It was a rough time to do this project because it was right around holiday times so I was very excited to move on and go to Christmas. In the end I think that I have a good answer to the driving question and am excited to see were this knowledge takes me in the future.


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