WWI And The Service Dress Cap

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post of about my most recent project about WWI. In this project, we worked on two major competencies Historical significance and global collaborator competency. At the end of this project, we made a WWI exhibition for students of all grades to come and see the WWI artifacts we had been researching for the past month. I also picked a Canadian WWI soldier and learned about his story and how he taught for Canada in WWI. I later made a video connecting him and my WWI artifact together and explaining their significance in WWI. The driving question for this project was How Might We Use Artifacts and Film to Show the Significance of WWI? After all the work I did during this project I can answer this driving question. This is how I got there.

One of the two competencies I worked on throughout this project was the historical significance competency. We did many assignments and activities that worked on this competency. One activity that really helped me find the significance in WWI was a keynote presentation that I made with three other classmates Amy, Randy and Jordan. I made a slide explaining the battle of Vimy Ridge and how it was historically significant. Another assignment the really helped me improve my historical significance competency was the final video that I made about George Adams and the Canadian Service Dress Cap. I had to connect a soldier to an artifact and the. Explains the significance of both the soldier and Dress Cap.

My keynote slide

The second competency in this project was the global collaborator competency. During this project, I found two activities that really helped me improve on this competency. This first one was a zoom call our class made with an education worker from the Canadian War Museum. We talked over a video chat and we asked her questions that would help us make our videos and gather more knowledge about our artifacts. I personally found this zoom call very helpful for my video. The second activity was the WWI exhibit we put on for our school. We had kids from all grades come in to see our artifacts. I made a presentation that explained my artifact and its significance while still keeping the attention of my audience. This exhibition lasted two days and it was pretty fun.

In conclusion Artifacts and videos helped me show the significance of WWI because without videos and artifacts from WWI people would forget about the sacrifice and honour many soldiers felt while fighting in WWI. Making videos helped me tell the story of my soldier and artifact and make it feel more real for the audience who was watching. Well, that’s all I have for this blog, thanks for reading.



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