Election In Pandemic!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. You may be wondering how the Canadian government is structured and elected? Well you have stumbled across the right blog because that will be the topic at hand today. Typically an election occurs every four years, but Justin Trudeau had a different idea. He called for an election only two years into his four year term, during a worldwide pandemic. The results of the election were disappointing for Trudeau to say the least. Although he still won but he only got a minority government and not much changed. I think calling an election at this time is not what Canadians needed to focus on during this state of the pandemic.

Trudeau was wrong to call an election at this time of crisis in the country. He called an election on august, 15, 2021 at that same time the province of British Columbia was burning down due to extreme heat and dry weather. As well we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic affecting millions and their families. Trudeau was only thinking about how he could try to get into more power instead of taking care of Canada and the problems it was facing.

A seat is when a candidate from a party gets the most votes in their riding. A riding is a area typically consisting of about 70,000 – 130,000 people. In each riding Canadians run for parliament and if they get the most votes they get the seat.

Another reason I think he called the election was because he had a minority government and wanted to get a majority to get more things done and pass more laws. In Canada a minority government is when a party won more seats than any other party but still less than half of the total seats available. There are 338 total seats available in the federal election. When a party has a minority government its a lot harder for the leading party to make laws because there is more opposition than them. Which means that when voting for a new law the party in power has to convince a certain amount of members from other party’s to vote for their proposed bill on order to pass it on. Thats why Trudeau wants a majority government. That is when a party has more than half of the total seats. This makes it a lot easier for the party in power to pass laws that they believe in. Trudeau just wanted a to get more power and wasted 600 Million dollars for a election where basically nothing changed.

Calling an election in the middle of a pandemic can also put elderly at risk. If they have to go out and vote its more likely they can get covid. Most elderly are trying to stay away from going out too much because we are in the middle of a global pandemic that kills lots of people worldwide. Trudeau really wasn’t thinking about everybody when calling this election he was being selfish.

In conclusion Justin Trudeau called a early election and won as a minority government again. I think it wasn’t a good choice but there’s nothing I can do to stop it now. Trudeau thought he could get a majority government by calling a election and didn’t succeed. Some people can agree with me and others might not but in the end we are all Canadians and we should just keep living our lives.

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