Vote For Traditionalist Party of Canada

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Earlier in this project, I learned all about the Canadian government and how it functions. Those early assignments helped me get a political view and how I think the government should work. I wrote about some of my political views here. This post is about the newest stage in my project. In this milestone Me, Logan, Quinn, Indy and Sophia made a political party that is made up of all of our political values and beliefs. Our party’s name is the Traditionalist Party of Canada. We have made a statement of intent that lays out our party’s values and policies. Throughout this post, I’m going to explain our main focuses as a party and why you should vote for the Traditionalist Party of Canada.

The Traditionalist Party of Canada’s main focus is our economy. During COVID our economy took a massive downfall and we plan to get it back thriving. We want to preserve past economic values while also moving forward into the future. We plan to get the economy booming just like it was after WWII. For some people, the environment is their biggest priority while the Traditionalist Party of Canada does acknowledge the current climate crisis we do not believe that it surpasses the need for a better economy and that’s why the economy is our main priority. However, we do need to protect the precious lands that we live on. We want Canadians to have more high-paying jobs so they can live off of only one person making income for their household.

How are we going to make the economy better: the first way we are going to boost Canada’s economy is that we are going to utilize our beautiful country’s natural resources. We will increase the exporting of natural resources to improve our economy. We also want to make more well-paying jobs for Canadians. By exporting more natural resources that are abundant in Canada we can make more well-paying jobs in the heavy industry. We also want to decrease the wealth gap in Canada. We are going to tax the top 1% and create a more affordable living for all. We plan to model our future economy after the best parts from the past.

Why You Should Vote For Us: If you want to have a well-paying job, lower cost of living and a better future for all Canadians this party is for you. Canada’s future is our top priority and as the Traditionalist Party of Canada, we will allow the future of Canada to thrive years. Vote for Traditionalist Party of Canada.

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