Case For A Nation

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This blog post is about my most recent project Case for a Nation, in this project we made six videos. Each video was about certain topics like BNA and the Métis. In total for this project, I had to complete ten milestones, which is a lot considering an average […]

Witness To Covid History

Welcome back to my blog. This blog is about my most recent maker project. The project was called witness to history. In this project we had to become photo journalist and document what covid-19 and physical distancing has affected our community’s. My community is in Deep Cove. I documented how physical distancing and covid-19 has […]

DI Provincials

Hi, welcome back to another one of my blogs. This blog is about the DI provincials. This year we had a interesting situation involving COVID-19. Because of the pandemic COVID-19 DI was canceled. Our teachers decided we would still do DI but with only our school participating. Our group had to preform our solution over […]

DI Regionals

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be about my most recent maker project destination Imagination regionals. DI is a competition where teams from all over the world compete in. In DI your team is assigned a challenge ahead of the competition. Your team job is to come up with a […]