New France!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be about my last humanities project this year. This project was about New France and the indigenous peoples in that age. We watched video and read lots of information to learn all about the fur trade and New France. The driving question for this […]

Road Trip!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This blog is going to be about my most recent Scimatics project. In project we learned about graphing and planned a week long road trip. In my road trip I did lots of things and even rented/bought some nice luxury items for my vacation around BC. I had a […]


Hi, welcome to my blog. This post is about my TPOL. Over this year I have changed a lot in my work habits and my growth as a learner. In all of the PLP subjects I think I have improved since the start of the year. I’ve improved my habits at home and in school […]


Hi, welcome to my blog for week 5 of the student blogging challenge. In this first activity of my blog I would like you to answer these questions in a comment. Whats your favourite music genre?  Who’s your favourite singer? How many music concerts have you been to? Do you like to make your own […]

My Avatar

I made my avatar on iMessage with Animoji, then took a screen shot of it, then cropped it to fit as my avatar. My avatar is a pretty accurate representation of how I look except for the hair style, because the one I’m using is the closest one to mine. I chose to make my […]

About Me

Hi my name is Nate, I am in grade 8 and live in British Columbia. I like to play a lot of sports, my favourite sport is hockey. In school my favourite subject is scimatics (science and math). In the winter I like skiing at my local mountain with my friends. In summer I like […]