Chemistry Coding

Hi, welcome back to another one of my blog posts. This post is going to be about my most recent Scimatics projects. In this project we learned about atoms and chemistry as well as coding on a application called scratch. The end result of our project I made a game that includes atoms. My atom […]


My mPOL Post So far this year I think I had a bit trouble with one project. The project I struggled with was the student blogging challenge. I really struggled with it for the first 4 or 5 weeks because I didn’t really know how to make my blog look good. Also I was very […]

Mazer Tag

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This blog is about my most recent Scimatics project. The driving question for this project was how are sides lengths of right angle triangles related to each other. In this project we had to work in groups to create a model of a Star Wars ship. In the ship […]

Student Blogging Challenge Review

Hi, welcome back to my last Student Blogging Challenge post. I participated in every week of the challenge. my favorite week was week 4 because I got to write about what ever I wanted, so I wrote about Hockey. I want to thank Ms. Bennett for commenting on almost every post I made and always […]

It’s Christmas Time

Hi, and welcome to my blog. This blog is about this week’s student blogging challenge. This week’s topic is on celebrations and festivals. I’m going to show you a haiku I made and I will explain a holiday my family celebrates. The haiku I made is about Christmas. This also relates to the holiday I’m […]

Drawing is Easy

Hi, welcome to my post about my most recent maker project I’ve finished. In this project we used the app sketches pro. I made multiple pieces of art that I created on my iPad, we explored different kinds of art. The first piece of art work I made was name art. We had to make […]


Hi, the first activity I’m going to ask you to try and figure out is a emoji guessing game. All the things the emojis will be spelling are city that I live in. Comment on what city you think the emojis spell. Good luck. 🚐+😎+💂‍♀️ Then next game you can play is a emoji math […]

Media is the message

Hi, for our first project that we did in humanities, we learned about advertising. In advertising there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that people don’t realize. We looked at different techniques, demographics and messages imbedded in advertising.   our first milestone in this project was about an ad called […]


Hi, welcome to my blog for week 5 of the student blogging challenge. In this first activity of my blog I would like you to answer these questions in a comment. Whats your favourite music genre?  Who’s your favourite singer? How many music concerts have you been to? Do you like to make your own […]