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Hello there, and welcome back to my blog.

This is my Destination Imagination (or DI) blog post.

Today I am going to be talking about Destination Imagination.

I put my group’s video link at the bottom of this blog post.

This is my review and process of creating the video.

I think that if I were to do it again I would be more concerned about the time limit, as I had to speed everything in the video up because I took too long.

I think that the video looks pretty proud of the final result, even though I like the non sped up version more.

The Curricular Competencies for this project are:

1) Responding to Text: Have I constructed an original personal, critical, and creative connection between myself, the text, and the world with supportive credible evidence?

This means that I can give an opinion and support it with reasonable evidence, and that I can create a meaningful connection between myself and the the text.

As I said earlier, I was too focused on how good the photo looked instead of focusing on how and what message I was giving, so the message and the aspect of worldview was not as visible in my art. I think that this is a competency that I could spend more work on.

2) Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?

This means that I can assess the significance of people, places, events or developments at particular times and places, including identifying what the creators of accounts, narratives, maps, or test, have determined is significant.

I did ok with this part of the curricular competencies, as the Vitruvian man helped greatly with understanding the human body at the time, and it also helped with medical advancements that saved lives, and that is why I used it as my art

3) Empowered Learner: How might I use technology to construct knowledge?

This means that I can use technology to appropriately and effectively to construct my knowledge.

I think that I did reasonably well with this part of the curricular competencies, as I am quite proud of how the section of the museum that I worked on turned out, and I also like how the photoshopped How it’s going art turned out.

The steps that I took to make this video were:

Milestone 1:  For this milestone we looked through the rule book and assessed the requirements for the video.

Milestone 2: for this Milestone we used the information from milestone one to define our team’s deliverables

Milestone 3:  For this milestone we decided on our separate roles and responsibilities. I got the editor and the Game Maker, which was kind of a second narrator

Milestone 4:  For this milestone we assessed our current progress, and we changed some things. We also started working on our Q and A video which I cannot show because blog44.ca won’t let me.

Milestone 5:  For this milestone we evaluated ourselves and made this blog post that you are reading right now.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day. Also if you want to check out the video for yourself I will leave the link right here.

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