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Hello there, and welcome back to my blog

Today I am going to be talking about the More Things Change project.

Here is my infographic, which I made with my partner Xander during this projects:

This is my review and process of creating the infographic.

I think that if I were to do it again I would be more concerned about the time limit for the video, as I had to speed everything in the video up because it took too long.

I think that the infographic looks pretty good, and I am proud of the final result, even though the video needs some changes.

The Curricular Competencies for this project are:

1) Identifying Continuity and Change: How are lives and conditions alike over time and how have they changed.

This means that I can characterize different time periods in history, including periods if progress and decline, and identifying key turning points that mark periods of change.

I think that I could have done more for this area of the Curricular Competencies, as I did not talk a lot about continuity and change in my infographic.

2) Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?

This means that I can asses the credibility of multiple sources and the adequacy of evidence used to justify conclusions.

I did ok with this part of the curricular competencies, as I mainly used the sources placed in basecamp by the teachers, but I did not really know if those sources were credible.

The steps that I took to make this infographic were:

Milestone 1:  For this Milestone we sat in a spot near the school and wrote what things we thought changed and stayed the same in this spot overtime.

Milestone 2:  For this Milestone we got into groups and assessed different subjects, like conflict and war in the time of New France.

Milestone 3:  For this Milestone we created the blueprint for our infographic with our partners.

Milestone 4:  For this Milestone we had our infographic critiqued by classmates.

Milestone 5:  For this milestone we put up our infographic, and I will put the photo here:

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day. Also if you want to check out the museum for yourself I will leave the link right here.

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