Animal Farm Written Response

Hello there viewer! Today I will be explaining the anatomy of the revolution, or revolutions in Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell in 1945, who has made many other famous books, like 1984, which I have yet to read. Animal Farm is also a American animated drama\propaganda film directed by John Halas and Joy Bachelor, produced in 1954. I will be showing the anatomy of the Animal Farm revolutions by connecting it to Crane Brinton’s theory of the anatomy of a revolution. Because Animal Farm had two revolutions in the book, the second revolution may be not correctly displayed by the anatomy of a revolution theory. This is caused by the fact that the second revolution doesn’t have very much of a moderate period, as it is conducted by only four animals. Napoleon, and the three dogs. You could also not even count the second revolution as a revolution, as it is conducted by such a small group in such a short amount of time. But, we cannot make a conclusion without evidence, and a valuable piece of evidence would be the definition of a revolution. According to Google the definition of revolution is: A forcible overthrow of a government or system, in factor of a new system. By judging this definition, we can conclude that there was in fact two revolutions in Animal Farm.

The incubation stage for the first revolution was when the animals were discussing about how bad the life they had was, and they started talking a bout revolting against Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is the owner of the farm in this book, and he is similar to Czar Nicholas II in the Russian Revolution, as this book is supposed to be a representation of the Russian Revolution. You can see Snowball as Leon Trotsky, Napoleon as Joseph Stalin, and as I have already said, Mr. Jones as Nicholas II. Animal Farm did not seem to have a moderate stage in either revolution. The reign of terror in Animal Farm is when Mr. Jones comes into the barn when the animals are having a meeting, and the animals all attack him, and Mr. Jones and his men are forced to flee the farm. The reign of terror continues until after the battle when Mr. Jones and his men come back with weapons and all the animals maul them. The recovery stage happens when the animals are starting to create a society of their own, without humans.

I think that the reason why the book shows such similarity to real revolutions is because Animal Farm is very heavily based off of the Russian Revolution, as I stated earlier. These similarities to a real revolution greatly helps you determine the anatomy of the revolution using a theory that was meant to help dissect real revolutions. Going back to Animal Farm the incubation stage of the second revolution was when the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon started heating up as Napoleon was angry because he wanted more control over the other animals. The moderate stage of the revolution was probably when Napoleon peed on Snowball’s plans for the windmill. This action caused the rivalry to heat up a lot as Snowball spent a lot of time and effort into making the plans for the windmill. The reign of terror was when Napoleon let his dogs loose to chase Snowball out of the farm. This revolution was extremely swift, and the reign of terror lasted probably about five whole minutes, which is extremely short considering the fact that most revolutions last years. Even though this is a fictional revolution and did not actually happen. The Russian Revolution lasted a whole six years, which is apparently short for a revolution. 

In conclusion, the book Animal Farm showed a correct anatomy of a revolution according to Crane Brinton’s theory. We can assume that this is probably because of the relation the book has to the Russian Revolution, as revolutions that actually happened are more likely to follow Crane Brinton’s theory. I think we can also conclude that Crane Brinton was correct with his theory. We cannot know just from this small amount of data, but the information we have proves his theory correct. It is also to be assumed that his theory is correct, as it has been widely accepted as so by many people, including me and my teachers, otherwise I would not be writing about it like I am currently.

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