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DI. As much as I dreaded doing DI again, as I did not particularly enjoy DI last year, it was actually not that bad this year. I was in a team with Carter (blog here), Brooke (blog here), Ben y (blog here) (incomplete), and Jocelyn (blog here)(incomplete). I just want to say that we won the instant challenge! But, I sadly cannot say anything about it other than that we won.🥇 We came second in the normal challenge, which is also pretty good, I think we get a ribbon for second place.🥈 Also if you want to watch our performance the video should be here. ⬇️

Now onto the reflection. Some things that definitely went well with our presentation is that it was funny. That’s not just my opinion, the appraisers actually laughed when we were presenting. At least I think they were laughing at our presentation and not at us. Oh yeah, I am supposed to leave the appraiser sticky notes right here. ⬇️

The appraisers made notes on our presentation, and also quoted parts that they liked, so they put it on sticky notes that we got to take home! Back to the reflection, I think some more things that went well is that we got the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival. A link to my research on it here. ⬇️

Festival Research Cheese Rolling 🧀

The reason it is good that we got the Cheese 🧀 Rolling Festival is that we all knew a lot about that festival, as it was really interesting. Another thing that went well in our presentation is how we all had very similar ideas when we were creating our improvised script. (I suggest you watch the video if you do not know what I mean.) The fact that we had similar ideas was really helpful when we were presenting, because when someone improvised something that we had not planned when we had out planning time, then the feast of the group just went with it and didn’t get confused. The last thing that went well was that we used all our time. Now onto the things that didn’t go so well. Most of the things that didn’t go that well did not happen when we were at the tournament. One thing that didn’t work out for us was that Brooke forgot her watch. When she realized that she forgot it she was pick Carter and I up at Park Gate. We went to buy a watch but all of them were sold out, then we got one from Carter’s house but it turned out to be dead. Then another thing that didn’t go that well was how we ran out of time in our presentation. This was partly because of the previous unfortunate turn of events, but it wasn’t all bad. This meant that we used all of the time possible, and that we didn’t have to create an ending. Another reason this was not entirely bad was that we ran out of time at the exact second that I was supposed to roll down the hill after the cheese, and I really did not want to have to do that for two reasons: The first reason is that I just did not want to have to do that, and the second reason is that we were on flat ground, and the cheese was square.🪤 The third (I think) thing that went bad is that Jocelyn missed out presentation. She was there for the instant challenge, but not the normal presentation. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that the reason she was late was that: first, her electric car died, then she took a taxi to the wrong school, then she had to walk from the junior school to the senior school. Now that I’m finished with the what went well and what didn’t, I’m going to talk about our process. Here is a 

Burn🔥Down chart of our progress over time. ⬇️

So the first thing we did was research our festival, which was just where we looked at different websites and took information from them. Next we got boxes, which was just Carter and Jocelyn, as they had boxes at their houses. We also did rehearsals and improv practices during this time. After that we got all of our festival research, and put it into this ⬇️ festival binder.

Festival Research

Once we were done our festival binder we were told to revise it, so we did. I highly recommend looking at the BurnDown chart, as it is basically a timeline of what we did for our project and when. The BurnDown also shows how much work we did on the dates that we made progress. Well, that is all for today so, thank you for ready my blog, and I hope you have a great day.

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