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Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! In recent, we have been working on a Maker 9 project called vibrant video. This will be a rather short post because I learned a lot of physical skills like how to shoot film and angles. But nether the less, I hope you enjoy this post.

To start off we learned about editing. We did this by learning how to better use an app called Clips. We had used it in the past, but it was on a much smaller scale. Throughout the entire project, we would come back to use clips for various reasons. But for the first assignment, we were asked to create a short about me video that showed off our interests and/or a hobby. I chose to do mine on Irish dancing. We were given specific parameters. For example: we had to use at least one effect, we had to use titles, and we had a to add some of the background music that was provided within clips it’s self.

In this first assignment, I think something that I really took away was adding audio that enhanced the video. In the entire project, we would make many videos that used audio. I think that this first part helped me learn the do’s and don’ts when adding audio to a film. It also taught me about using audio to enhance a video and add to it. You can check out the about me video I made below ⬇️

[insert about me video]

Now, throughout this entire project, we had been taking notes on the history of film. We started off with more history. For example, what the first motion picture was, who first invented it, etc. we then moved on to more modern day things. Like special effects, CGI, etc. We had three sets of lectures all of which we were frantically taking notes. You can check out the notes later be patient

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