About me (outdated)

About Me

Hello, my name is Noah, and this is my blog.

I am thirteen years old, and my favourite foods are sushi and cheese, my favourite sports are biking and skiing, even though I like skiing more than biking. You probably didn’t randomly stumble upon this when you were surfing the internet, but in case you did I can tell you that this is a school assignment. You are probably one of my classmates though, so you probably already know this, so anyway back to the part were you learn about my life and I tell you my hobbies. So my hobbies are skiing and biking as you already know, and I also like building things like the magic bottle thing (click this) also surprisingly I like making books (link here) and last but not least, programming and editing. I added a pet widget on my min blog page that I added myself. Congratulations, you now know my hobbies, assuming you read this far and didn’t get bored out of your mind reading about my life, here is your reward (Click Here) please click the link and watch the video before you go any further. Assuming you listened to me, which you probably didn’t, you know that was a video of me skiing, so here is a link to a video of me biking. (click here) So now that your all caught up with my hobbies, here are some other things about me: 

  1. Even though I am thirteen I still like dinosaurs, and I know a decent amount of shark facts.
  2. I know I said that I am starting to develop a hobby for making short stories the last time I made one was more than a month from now.
  3. I have 2 guniea pigs, one is named S’mores and the other is named Fluffy, and they have very original names. (link to pictures of them)

That is my about me page, I hope you didn’t fall asleep from boredom.

Also all the videos were taken before quarantine.

Highly edited pictures that I made.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my page, and I hope you have a great day.