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For todays post I am going to be building off of the last post I wrote about the election that took place in Canada. As a class we have been separated into smaller groups and have been told that we now have to create a political party, so in this post I’ll explain my groups party, what our priorities are, and what we think we can do to improve Canada. 

So begin with our groups name is Alpha Vert, which is supposed to convey that we are like a better Green Party with a few different goals. As a group we decided that we want to be a more progressive party that will deal with environmental issues, but at the same time we don’t want to wreck our economy. It sounds like our party is all over the place, but hopefully after this post you will understand what our goal is. 

As a party we have many values but here are some of our top ones:

A better future. We want to use whatever possible funds right now to help improve our future.

Economy. We want to be able to accomplish all of our environmental goals without ruining our economy.

Reorganize the budget. We feel right now that the Canadian budget is not being put to full use, so we want to start rearranging funds.

We also value being open to new ideas, the entire process of creating this party has been one idea after another which as lead us to where we are now.

In addition to those values we have also decided that we are going to have two major goals, the first of those goals is to sustain our environment for future generations, however our plan is to do that through complete electrical renewable energy. After looking at real government parties and what they planned on doing to help the environment, we decided that it was a all over the place, so we narrowed down how we are going to preserve our environment into one solution. 

We believe we can accomplish this by creating incentives for Canadians to switch to electric forms of transportation such as increasing electric stations, increasing the cash-back for trading in gas for electric cars, and switching public transportation over to electric power as well. 

We also had the idea of investing more of Canada’s environmental budget into companies that deal with wind turbines, solar energy, and tidal turbines.

Some ways we thought of funding this idea is by reaching out to big companies and offering space for them to set up things like charging stations for cars and buses, then we can tax them per use of each station. Our other idea was to reorganize the current budget. After looking through the current Canadian budget we found that the government has a lot of ideas for how to help our environment, but they have only invested the money for future governments to deal with. I am sure there is reason and strategy behind this, but we think that in order to save our future we need to start putting some of those fund to use, more specifically towards funding a a future full of electric renewable energy.

That was our first big idea. The second one is about how we think we can rearrange the electoral system to make things easier for everyone. We propose the government moves into a system called the Three Party Cycle System ( graph included below ). This system was made up by our group and is a little complicated so I’ll explain how it works.

To start with people will now vote directly for the leader they want to win. Also only the top three parties will be available for people to vote for. After the election the the party with the least votes will have to move out after the cycle ends ( until the next election ) and switch with another party. The new party is one which members from all three of the current parties have voted for. Then during the next election the party with the least votes in the last election will move out and not be available for voting, and the new party will step in.

Remember that at the beginning of the election all parties are equal so any party can claim top spot if enough people vote for them.

After voting, the team with the most votes will become a majority government immediately ( unless the vote is within a 51%-49% range, then the winning party is required to include some values from the second place party). 

Other than that we have decided to keep the government structure the same as it is now. The reason we want to eliminate a minority government is because we feel that they lead to impractical decisions because the two parties are both trying to push against the others decisions. We think that this new system will allow the government to make the decisions that they promise when they get elected, and if their ideas don’t work they have to answer to the public and cannot hide behind another party.

That concludes our two main ideas as a party. We think this new system of government makes us a unique type of party, and we hope that people will understand our ideas about our environment and see that reorganization of the current environment budget will help us all.

That’s all for now 

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