Celebrations and Festivities

On the first of November I turn on Christmas carols as soon as I wake up. To me it is Christmas season. My house is filled with decorations already. Christmas is my favorite holiday ever. I love the songs, the decorations, the socks and, the food. Today I will tell you about some Christmas traditions then  I will show you the poem about Christmas that I made.

Every year my Dad creates this thing called Dadvent. A brief way I describe Dadvent is that it is like a advent calendar but instead of opening a chocolate in the morning  you open an fun activity that you will do that day. for example on the second of December I could wake up and open the card and it might say that we are going to get and decorate our Christmas tree. I really like this tradition because it ads a little more excitement to the holidays. If you want to learn more about it press the link.

Here is the poem I created.

That’s all for this week!

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