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In scimatics we were preparing for the winter exhibition. In every class we were doing something for it. In scimatics we were creating a ship from Stat Wars then we shot a laser out of the ship then use mirrors to create a right angle triangle using the law of reflection and the Pythagorean theorem. For this project we were in groups of three. In my group was Ryder, Kate and I, together we made a Imperial Star Destroyer.

  I felt that my group made a pretty good right angle triangle. We drew it out on cardboard then all we had to do was put the mirrors on. The hardest part was not making the the triangle but positioning the laser so that the light didn’t hit the floor. On the day of the exhibition our ship looked amazing!! Lots of people were very interested and impressed with our ship and the laser.

  When we were measuring everything at first we tried to create the right angle triangle without using the Pythagorean theorem and it didn’t work but when we measured it out and put it all onto the cardboard it worked. We made a perfect right angle triangle in the end.

The way that the laser was shooting out made it look like the ships was trying to shoot another ship. The sign was very clear and explained what was happening very well. I think every one in the group contributed the exact same amount to the project. We were very good at trouble shooting with each other and communicating our ideas.

I feel that I could improve on how I use my class time. There were days were I would get little to nothing done. However there were classes where I would work hard for the whole 75 minutes. In the end I was very happy with how our ship turned out. And with the dry ice it looked even cooler.

Until next my next project!

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