Winter Exhibition

Every year PLP puts on a exhibition to help show off our work, except there’s a catch. Every year for the winter exhibition there is a movie theme. This year the theme was Star Wars. The way the theme played into the work we did was that in each subject we had a Star Wars themed project for each subject.

For scimatics the project was to create a Star Wars ship out of cardboard then have a laser come out of it in a right angle. I wrote all about this project in my past post if you would like to read more about it.

The main project was to ask a driving question then answer it and show your answer at the exhibition. From the point where you asked your question to when you answered it was not a straight line. Actually it wasn’t really a line at all. It went everywhere and sometimes you had to go right back to the start and try all over again. Let me tell you a little bit about where my line took me.

 The first step in the cycle is to Look, listen and learn.  For our first milestone we had to fill out a form that would help us ask or driving question.  Asking a driving question was very hard for me because we had no real subject, we could literally do whatever we just had to relate it to Star Wars in some way. At first my question was about the ecosystems of planets but I couldn’t  figure out how to make solve a problem. Then all of the sudden I thought of my question. How might we create a backup planet for earth using ideas and designs from the death star?

        The second step was to Ask Tons of Questions. For our second milestone we had to plan it all out and do lots of research. Planning it out was also hard because my question was very open ended. So I then asked tons of question, that was easier since I had never seen a Star Wars movie.

     The third step was Understanding the Process. 

For this phase we had to export a video with all the work we had done so far. We sourced all the websites we had done research on in the last phase. 

   The fourth step was Navigate Ideas.Here’s the video I made to navigate my idea.

This phase I enjoyed doing. We were asked to make a rough mini video trying to brainstorm and narrow down all my ideas. I made my video in Sketches Pro then I put it all together in iMovie. This really helped me and I enjoyed making the video in sketches.

The fifth phase is Create a Prototype.

In this phase we made a prototype. I really struggled because I was trying to learn how to 3-D model on a iPad. Turns out 3-D modelling is not something I’m good at. So once I realized that was not going to work I had to think quick.

The last phase is Highlight and Fix.

Here we had to prove that we had failed and grown from it. I had lots of evidence. It really showed me how far I had gone, but it wasn’t done yet. We still had to launch it to an an audience. Then it was exhibition time. Here’s what my planet looked like.

On the day we had to turn a room into a Star wars planet with our group. I was on the Death Star and we were in the library. Our plan was to put up black choir curtains up everywhere then put red christmas lights up to make it feel very sinister. It did not go as planned, we had to do a lot of problem solving. In the end it all looked fine  but we could have done better. The choir Curtain kept falling down and we forgot to work on the back room until the last minute. Overall I think we worked well together, we communicated what we wanted very well and we made decisions together.  Personally my  project launched better then I had thought.

 In the end my project launched better then I had thought. At the exhibition a lot of people were very interested in my question and I learned a lot doing this project. Advice I would give if I ever do it again is to pick exactly how you will show your question at the exhibition sooner. While I was creating I tried to many things and then thought of what I would actually do at the exhibition very last minute.  

Until next project! 

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