Hello, today I will tell you about the most recent project we have been working on in humanities, this project was called It’s the End of the World. I know that’s sounds like a morbid thing to call a school project but it was actually a very fun project. The driving question was: How has your worldview been challenged from elementary school to high school? Let me tell you how I answered it.

The first thing we were asked to do was a mind map showing all seven branches of worldview and how they had changed from elementary school to high school. There were a lot of things that changed for me because I was now going to a English school, the school was close to my house and it was a high school. 

The second assignment was to rewrite the lyrics of the song “It’s the End of the World as we Know it” using ideas from our MindNode. I really enjoyed writing a song because I love music. That made the next task easier for me.

The next part of this project was recording a song all by ourselves. Most people found this part very intimidating but I was excited to do it. We were given the soundtrack and then we recorded the lyrics that we wrote. I found it very easy to time the lyrics to the soundtrack because I pick up songs very quickly and I have good musicality from dance. 

Then we were put into groups of 3 to then make a even better song and a video. In my group was Ryan, Sophia and I. We divided up our songs and picked the best part of each song and put it into one. For the video we put together photos of us in grade 7 then of us in grade 8. Finally we present our finish product to the class.

Somehow in all of this Ms. Maxwell found a way to connect this project to the Renaissance. It connected to the Renaissance because the Renaissance brought big change just like the transition from elementary school to high school. Throughout the entire projects we would do little activities and watch videos that taught us what was the consequence of the Renaissance. The part that I thought was the most interesting is how art changed the way people perceived the world around them. Art really helped make the world what it is today. 

The competencies we were being assed on Create and Cause and Consequence. For this project in the competency Create I feel that I used a song to represent the changes that happen when I went from grade 7 to grade 8. I also used the photo slideshow to show experiences that have changed my worldview. For the Cause and Consequence competency I feel I did a good job explaining and represent who and what had changed the way I perceive the world. It mostly started when I applied for PLP. Because I applied my worldview changed a lot more then I would have if I had if I had stayed in French and gone to Windsor.

Until next post!