Chillin’ like a Villain

Hello and welcome to my first ever post about Destination Imagination. In this post I will tell you about how my team found our solution to the problem.
First it started with picking a problem. My top choices would have been Fine arts, technical then improv or engineering in that order. I actually thought that I had put down engineering as my third choice but then I got improv so I assume I put it down instead. The point is that originally I did not want to be on the improv team, however I was with good people so I decided it would not be so bad. The first thing we had to do was read and understand our challenge. So we each had a part of our challenge that we had to narrow down and understand. We used techniques to make sure we didn’t miss any details while reading the challenge. The next step wad to start imagining what we actually wanted to do in the challenge and how we would make it unique to us. We also then picked who would be responsible for each part of the challenge. We then had to start planning how we would create our solution. So we then identified what our resources, constraints and assumptions were. For DI there’s always a lot of of constraints but at the same time it was very open ended meaning we could almost do whatever we wanted. Then we had to make a timeline of what we had to do with the amount of time everything would take. During this time we did practice instant challenges which were like mini challenges. Every week we did practice challenges to get us ready. After the challenges we would reflect on how we did. Our team decided that everyone should do their own reflection. Two weeks before the tournament was when we did full dress rehearsals. At first our dress rehearsals were not great and we did not feel ready yet. A week before the tournament is when the rehearsals started looking better for us, they looked more like something we could put on stage.

Then it was tournament day. Our instant challenge was at 9 and our challenge was at 11. When I went to go ask everyone where their forms were and they said that they had forgotten to print them I had to print them all two minutes before the parade. But I got them done and ready for the instant challenge. We did our instant challenge, we all felt very good about it. Then we came down and got ready for our challenge. We forgot to check in but we did that and then we practiced. We watch another group and they were really good! I got kinda scared because they were so good. Then it was our turn to go on. When they gave us the conundrum and villain power we had a great idea for our skit. So we planned and did it! I felt so good about how we did and the rest of my grouped agreed. If you want to see our full performance here’s the video.

Then we got our raw scores, they were not exactly what we wanted but we were still optimistic about how we placed. Then we had a dance party ( probably my favorite part of the day ) and then they revealed where we placed. Improv was one of the last categories to be called but we did not place. We were disappointed but also there was always the possibility we wouldn’t place. We were all very happy with how we did and we acme second for instant challenge!
Since DI provincials most likely wont be on, see you next year!

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